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Voice actor-ism! For those who would like to audition for VA roles but don’t know where to get started…TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY! Because I’m going to tell you here and now what I found out with lots of frustrating searching.

Ok, first you will need a comp w/ a microphone somehow attached. Then you can download Audacity for FREE from online. You can save your voice in wav or ogg files, but if you want to save as an MP3, that is a separate, but free download offered at the same website.

Then you follow settings that are asked for in the audition, I usally don’t change the recording settings unless the producer wants the file saved in a specific Hz or bit rate that is different from the default.

Click “Record” and TALK! Click “Stop” when done and “Play” to hear yourself! If you push “Record” again, it will start a new line so when you play you will hear both lines unless you mute or solo one.

The beauty of not auditioning in person, you can do the line over if you mess up and the director will never know! I usually do a few takes of all the audition lines then select the one I think is best, highlight it, and under File “Export selection as wav” or MP3, etc. {In the new Beta version of Audacity, it is just "Export Selection" then you choose which format} Save it the way the person asked to save the lines (Usually Yourname_Character_AuditionLine#.MP3).

I then usually zip all my lines together for quick loading as an email attachment, and quick for the other person to download it off the email.(I tried an evaluation version of WinZip, but there is a simpler way that your computer is already capable of doing so-- right-click on a/the file(s) and selecting "Send to..." and "compressed folder" will do the trick. You may also add more files after creating a zip folder--just drag and place them over the zip folder and it will copy it into it.)

Looking for somewhere to start auditioning for roles? I started on Voice Acting Alliance I also just came across another forum, the Voice Acting Club for a smaller community and more animated projects.

{I'm Refi-chan on See My Profile! VAA has lots of tutorials, but you can message me if you need help!}

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