Unwanted Ejobes18

I though you loved me...I was wrong
Afterwards, I was told to be strong

But i cant because you flaunted
How much I am unwanted

You took my heart and stomped it into the ground
You tore me up inside with naught a sound

A single message caused me to drown
Drown, drown in anguish, agony and sadness
Even now my mind descends into madness

A madness that was caused by my sadness

Because of you killing my heart i became madder and madder
all the while becoming sadder and sadder

I loved everything about you
Your smile, your personality, even you aural hue

Now i cannot stand the sight of you

My love for you knew no bounds
But now it is buried deep into the ground

I had hoped sometime apart would give you time to see how you've broken my heart
But i now see that it was a fools errand, you never loved me
For with your love and compassion i can a shark compare thee

I try to forget, to move on
But every time i saw you i felt as if i was shot by a gun

If the one i once loved reads this poem know im not suicidal
Just that i feel that im on trial

And you were the judge who sentenced me
to be jaded and heart broken for Eternity

Date Published
11/30/-1 (Originally Created: 11/02/10)
Realm of The Shadow Men
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Emotional Writing
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