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She would cry if he ever tried to leave her. She became selfish and mad, and it made Keiji to make an attempt to resign. She loved him more than she loved her life, and didn’t want him to resign as her nurse. So she promised to behave as long as Keiji would stay.

However, Erika didn’t want her boyfriend to spend the rest of his time with his patient. She told him that if he really loved her, he would sacrifice his career over her. And so he did.

A week later, he got news from an old nurse friend that his patient died not long after he resigned. He told Keiji that his patient got depressed as soon as he left, and killed herself of mercury poisoning.
That was two years ago…

But why did it come to his mind? He didn’t want to remember it again, but his past hunted him. Why?

It was there – again.

His heart beat a second. He began to run, run and run as fast as he could. He wanted to go home, but the dark path seemed to lead nowhere. She was coming. His patient from two years ago hunted him and wanted him back.

And yes, she was following him! Keiji didn’t look back, yet he knew she was there. She was right next to him. He gulped and stumbled upon his steps. He ran away, but much to his dismay she was still there. There seemed to be no way to escape.

A sixteen-wheeled truck was on its way. Without having second thoughts, he ran across it and bumped into the truck. Blood shed all over his body. He found no way to break free but to kill his own self. He knew she would be happy - happy to see him dying. She was already gone. But one thing’s for sure: they will meet again… maybe in hell.

August 13, 1997
Nurse Kurosawa's patient died.

August 13, 1999
Keiji Kurosawa died.

At the same spot where his body laid, his phone rang three times, with no one answering.

Date Published
11/30/-1 (Originally Created: 09/01/10)
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