Scary Dream! Rosie Chan

One night on January 22nd i had a dream that i was walking through a hallway.It was a dark hallway.Then i see a light and there's this room that is filled with green goo. I suddenly realize that my sister was walking beside me. We go into the green goo filled room and we head to a huge window. There is this big ball in out path with a...doll on it that was coveryed with green glue along with the big ball.

The doll has hair like dry noodles and a summer dress which reminded me of an old lady. She had bare feet and looked strangly like Marta from "Loki ragnaraut."The doll was very pale and had bright green eyes.

I picked up the doll but not very far because the it was stuck to the ball by the green glue. "ew look at this ugly doll i said to my sister." I slapped the doll back on the ball and me and my sister went over by the window.

It was around 9:00 i realized and then suddenly i heard a whisper. "Im not going to be the only ugly one." I turned around so quickly i hit my sister in the arm. She too,turned to look. "Im going to pull out your eyes and eat them for breakfast,then your nails for lunch. Oh dont worry,i didn't forget about dinner.Im having hair spaggetti for dinner. My favorite" The doll liked her lips. Oh look,theres another bowl of breakfast,lunch and dinner for me. Eheheheh im so lucky." She was suddenly holding a knife and grew in size by untill she was as tall as me. She approached us and thats all i experienced befour waking up

Rosie Chan
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