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I wrote this years ago...for a book report. We were to take a scene in the book we read, and then change the point of view, creating our own scene through that other character. The book I read was Watchtower, by Elizabeth A. Lynn. This was meant to be short, and so it is. I recommend this book very much (it's fairly short as well)! I would explain the characters, but I honestly don't remember them that much. :/ Norres and Sorren are female "chearas," which are like dancers/entertainers/jesters, and yes, it's implied (at least in my version) that they're lovers. Ryke and Errel are's a fantasy yeah, here's my little chapter. :3

Sorren, deep in thought as she gazed at the fire, was still sitting on the blanket that was laid out. The sparks danced, just as the cheari did that night, undulating in and out of the rocks containing its burning power. The flames’ mesmerizing command over Sorren caused her to not notice Norres’s absence by her side.

“Norres, love? Where did you go,” Sorren asked curiously as she swung her head around in every direction possible. Where did she go? Stupid fire…because of it, I didn’t even notice her leaving my side. I’m so used to us being shoulder to shoulder, I suppose I didn’t even feel her being gone. Sorren sighed and grasped her knees with her arms. Looking around again, this time in Errel’s direction, she noticed that Ryke was gone as well. “Errel, did you happen to see where Ryke went? Both he and Norres are no longer by the fire,” Sorren relayed to Errel in a concerned tone.

Placing his hand on his face in a contemplative pose, Errel looked up, trying to think of where Ryke went. “Ah, yes! I remember now. Ryke was getting a bit thirsty so he decided to go over to the well over there. It’s right past those houses, near the shed. Are you concerned about him or something?” Errel paused and then looked around to see that Norres was gone as well. “Oh, I see. You’re looking for Norres, and you think that they might be together,” Errel teased.

Sorren blushed but turned just as quickly away from the fire so as to not show her rose-tinted face to Errel. “Surely you jest! Yes, I’m looking for Norres, but why would they be together? It’s just a coincidence that they’re gone at the same time. Norres is probably tending to the horses…or maybe the goats. You know she’s a real animal person,” Sorren’s speech quickened as she tried to explain to Errel the situation. What would they be doing together? Norres surely wouldn’t be…with Ryke. No, she wouldn’t! Ryke is too hardheaded to understand others’ feelings, and there’s no way that Norres would be with anyone but me. “Well, thanks for the information, Errel. I think I’m getting thirsty now, too. I think I’ll just run over to that well also.” After saying that, Errel giggled to himself, but Sorren was too quick on her feet to notice.

As she swiftly passed by the houses, stepping over stones and ignoring the barking dogs, Sorren reached the town’s center, which was just near the well. From where she stood, near Vanima’s center idol statue, Sorren could see two shadowy figures near the shed Errel had described. Could that be Norres and Ryke? No way…that can’t be. This can’t be true! Attempting to stay out of their view, Sorren tip-toed closer, using her cheari experience to dance along silently until she got close enough to hear their conversation. However, she only stayed there long enough to hear one question.

“Are you in love with Sorren?” Norres said. Sorren heard this question posed to Ryke and blushed. She didn’t want to stay any longer. Afraid of his answer, Sorren swiftly ran back to the blanket near the fire, going past all of the houses and barking dogs again. What could that mean?? Why would she be asking Ryke that? Does Norres like him? Is that why? Or…is she just concerned for me? I don’t want Ryke to love me…he’s nice and a strong warrior, but Norres…she has always been there for me. I hope she isn’t the one in love with him…No, she couldn’t be. Norres is too strong a woman to have a man capture her heart. With these thoughts in her head, Sorren began to stare at the cheari-like flames again.

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