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Okay so this is supposed to be a dream but I can't really know if it was a nightmare or funny. Kinda both :0 *gasp* And it was a two dream deal. It continued off of the first dream with the house. It techinically continued the next night I went to bed.

I was walking down to a house, looked about from the 1800s. A river/creek

was blocking it so we, I had other unknown people, had to cross it. I'm

freaking out because I'm being swept away in the dark cold waters. Luckily,

someone gets me out. So all wet, we run up to the house. The door was open and

we went in. I grabbed onto one of the peoples' shirts and kept a firm

grip. "Let's get out. I'm scared." I said but they would hush me up. We all

split except the shirt person and me. Then a noise was heard and we all run

outside under the deck. More people were there and trying to get us to do

drugs. "No, I never will do drugs." Then police dogs came and sniffed us out

and the lady asked why're we here. I run down and across the dark creek

feeling snakes slide across my feet. I then run up the hill and see a meadow

of wheat and a barn house.

Looking back everything disappeared into meadows of yellow wheat. I find a

path and walk down it obviously cautious. Suddenly, Hidan, from Naruto, comes

up to me and brings me into the barn. He then offers me tea and food and I

accept. But, when he leaves the room, I left something and apparently that cut

his head off. I'm running and laughing in the wheat seeing a headless body

chase me with its sythe and a hopping head. As if it didn't get any

awkward-er...Deidara comes in and blows him up. I'm crying saying, "But I

wanted to see if he'd catch me! His little hopping head." Deidara laughs and

hugs me. I start laughing and remember how I can control everything so I

say, "You look like a girl!" So I run and look back to see him cursing looking

like a girl (again is this a nightmare or funny?). He starts trying to blow me

up but in the end he doesn't succeed.

Then.....I woke up :3

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11/30/-1 (Originally Created: 01/19/10)
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