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It’s for the "Horror Poem" Challenge by kalasinhatake. I really enjoyed writing this poem "Lured In". If you look closely, it's like a poem within a poem. Enjoy, and watch your step when you're done...

Welcome my dear, please come on in
And shield yourself from the cold
For the winter is a very cruel place
To people young and old

The lights are flickering in the house
A luminous golden glow
Casting shadows on the wall
Black forms dancing, leaping and jumping
Like a shadow ballet
One shadow's different from the rest
With a certain silhouette
If you were to see that object
You would've gotten a sense of foreboding
For a pale colored skull
Is carefully tucked away
Behind some leather bound books

A loud cawing sound from above
Jolts you out of your chair
Looking up to the ceiling, you spy a raven there
Sleek black feathers with a sharp beak
Perching and watching with a proud air
He swoops down and settles on my shoulder
And turns to you with a twist of his head
You struggle not to gasp
When you see his eyes
Two emerald green orbs, gleaming with a knowing stare

The tea is finished my dear
Here is your cup
The flavor is peppermint
I hope you like it hot

Smoke is curling from a pot seated on the stove
Housing bizarre ingredients unknown to you
The wing of a young bat
Eyes of a newt
The fur of a Siamese cat
And more
Numerous jars and bottles rest in cupboards
Carefully labeled and taken care of
These contents would make eyes go wide
Ordinary spices, seasonings and components that are extraordinary
You wouldn't want to look inside my special brew

Something seems to be in the air
Floating around unseen
You can't see it, but it’s definitely there
Spirits of the dead
A moan so quiet barely anyone can hear
Making you wonder if you imagined it
A song that only you can hear
Ringing in your ears
A shadow in the room, a figure you can't explain
Ghostly haunting melodies
You struggle to stay sane

It's time for you to leave already?
I beg to differ dear
Now that you've entered my home
You can't get away from here

There's something sinister in the closet
Hanging from hooks; laying on the ground
Whole skeletons carefully put back together again
Are waiting at my beck and call
They're reminders of the past
Messengers of death
Silently awaiting my next command
And soon, you'll be one of them

Something catches the lamp light, creating a glistening sheen
On the walls of the living room
Arrayed like a collage of spray paint
But it didn't come from a can
Blood is on the walls
A reminder of how beautiful death is
An eerie smile graces my face
As I pick up a butcher knife
Stained with the blood of victims past
Emanating a silver glow
A glimmer of light appears in my eyes
Which slowly turns into a flame
You become numb with fear as I saunter closer
Then you realize, with terror in your heart:
There's nowhere to hide

Don't be so frightened dear
And don't try to run away
Because once you have been attacked by my knife
You will become my prey

Date Published
11/30/-1 (Originally Created: 01/16/10)
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