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Time and Space

Dialga and Palkia took a break from their constant fighting one day. They were both so lonely that they didn’t feel like fighting. In their dimensions no other living creature could survive so they couldn’t have anyone close to them. So one day Dialga went to Ho-oh the creator of human and poke’mon alike and asked for a favor.
”I did as you asked. When you made me and Palkia I kept the balance of time while she kept the balance of space. I want a friend though. I have been all alone in that dimension for millions of years, but since no other creature can survive in the time dimension but me, you, Giratina, or Palkia, I can’t have a friend there with me. I ask you in return for me keeping the balance of time that you give me a friend that can survive in my dimension.” said Dialga.
“I agree. No creature should be alone. Especially one with such a high responsibility to uphold. I will grant you this friend of which you speak, but he may not be what you expected.” said Ho-oh.
“I don’t care if he is human or poke’mon. As long as he can stay with me and has a mind of his own.” said Dialga.
“Ok, here is your friend.” said Ho-oh as a light ball started to form in front of them. It looked like a Shadow Ball attack at first but then it started to change. All of a sudden a small sleeping human body became solid within the ball of light and then the ball disappeared and the creature within woke up. Dialga was the first thing it saw. It saw Dialga crying in joy.
“My name is Dialga, what do you want to be called?” Dialga asked the boy.
“I don’t know. I have no name yet. I was just created. What do you want to call me?” asked the boy.
“Time. Your name is Time.” said Dialga.
“Time it is then.” said the boy.
“Dialga is your friend Time. You will stay with him until you feel old enough to see the world yourself, but in the end you must always come back to Dialga.” said Ho-oh.
“Understood sir.” said Time to Ho-oh. “Can we go Dialga. I’m interested in where we will live.”
“Then to my dimension we go.” Dialga said with a smile.
Dialga raised Time and taught him everything that had ever happened in the past. Dialga would not show Time the future though. He said for two reasons. First, the future isn’t set in stone, it could always change. Second, Time hadn’t gone to the human/poke’mon world yet so he still had a future there. Dialga didn’t want Time to know his own future and think that it was unchangeable or try and change it. Dialga even taught Time how to travel thought time. “Its called a dimensional rip. You can tear it open and travel through it.” said Dialga while teaching Time.
So they lived in the peaceful dimension of time until Time turned 10 and set off for the human/poke’mon world to have his own adventures.
But soon after Dialga had asked Ho-oh for a friend, Palkia had gone to Ho-oh as well.
“Ho-oh, I have kept the balance of space as you asked. I have kept it in that dimension for millions of years. I’m alone there though. I want a friend, but since no creature’s but me, you, Giratina, and Dialga, can survive in that dimension, I can not have a friend there. So in return for keeping the balance of space I ask you to give me a friend that can survive in my dimension.” said Palkia.
“You and Dialga have more in common then you think.” said Ho-oh.
“What do you mean?” asked Palkia.
“He has also asked this of me. I granted his wish as I shall grant yours. Remember though, the creature you get may not be what you want.” said Ho-oh.
“I don’t care if she is human or poke’mon. I just want a friend to be with me and that can think for herself.” said Palkia.
“As you wish. Here is your friend.” said Ho-oh.
A white light appeared in front of Palkia. The light looked like a white Shadow Ball attack. Then inside a small sleeping human body started to form. Then the light faded and the creature woke up. The first thing it saw was Palkia’s crying, joyful, face.
“Who are you?” asked the girl.
“Palkia. What is your name?” asked Palkia.
“I don’t have one yet. I was just created.” said the girl.
“I’ll call you Space then.” said Palkia.
“Ok.” said the girl happily.
“Space, Palkia is your friend. You will stay with her until you feel old enough to see the world yourself, but in the end you must always come back to Palkia.” said Ho-oh.
“Yes sir.” said Space.
“Like I said earlier, you and Dialga have more in common then you notice.” said Ho-oh. “Now go you two.”
“Ok. Palkia, can we go home? I’m curios about where I shall live.” said Space.
“Then to my dimension we go.” said Palkia. Palkia taught Space about everywhere in the universe. She even showed Space how to appear anywhere she wanted to. “Its called a dimensional rip. You can tear it open and travel through it.” said Palkia as she taught Space.
So they lived in the peaceful dimension of space until Space turned 10 and set off for the human/poke’mon world to have her own adventures. Up until this point, Dialga and Palkia had been too occupied with their friends to fight. Now that their friends were gone though, they resumed the fight. The time when Dialga and Palkia started fighting again, and Time and Space got to the human world, was the same time that Giratina had just met a young girl named Nina who was friends with his two eevee friend’s Eva and Even.
Back on the human world, Time had started doing gym battles and contests with a Nidoran♂ he had caught and named Clock. As for Space, she had also started doing gym battles and contests with a Nidoran♀ she had caught and named Map. One day, on Time and Space’s third contest, they met. It was time for the contest to start and they did their appeal rounds. Afterwards in the waiting room they
literally ran into each other.
Time was first to be on stage for the next round and he was running with Clock to make it on time. As for Space she had been last for the appeal round and was running to the dressing rooms so that she could get ready for the next round with Map. They accidentally smacked into each other and both fell backwards.
“Sorry, I shouldn’t have been running.” said Time as he stood up.
“No, it was my fault, I shouldn’t have been running either.” said Space as she stood up. At that moment they saw each other and jumped back about 2 feet each and started to growl angrily.
“Your Time! You’re the boy that Dialga is friends with that Palkia warned me was an enemy!” shouted Space.
“Your Space! You’re the girl that Palkia is friends with that Dialga warned me was an enemy!” shouted Time.
Both their Nidoran were confused since they hadn’t heard of any of this. They knew who raised their trainers of course but they didn’t know that their trainers were enemies.
“Ill beat you in the final round as a sign of pride for Palkia! That is if you even make it that far!” said Space.
“Like you even have a chance to win!” shouted Time. So they all parted ways there and headed back to the contest angrily. They did both make it to the final round. They went all out. The battle was fierce. But in the end it was a double knock out with a double use of Crunch. Since it was a tie and neither one of them had a second poke’mon the judges decided to have a second ribbon made and made them both the winners. Sadly though, they still hated each other and actually used the fighting skills that Dialga and Palkia had taught them to fight. In a secret location in the woods of Johto, they went all out. When Time would stop time to attack, Space would go between space and out of the location and attack from outside of the frozen time. Also, if Space tried to attack by going between space, Time would freeze time and get away. They were at each others thoughts and they were so equally matched in power and actual fighting skills that neither could win. Eventually they collapsed in exhaustion. While they were out, their Nidoran took care of them together. During this time the Nidoran became close and became a couple. During the 2 days that Time and Space slept, Clock and Map evolved into a Nidorina and Nidorino. When Time and Space woke up they were shocked. Their poke’mon not only evolved without them, but they fell in love with each other. The two didn’t know what to do. They still hated each other but they wanted their poke’mon to be happy. So for their poke’mon, they set aside their differences and traveled together. After traveling together for two months they didn’t hate each other anymore. They still weren’t friends but they didn’t hate each other anymore. During the time they were traveling together though, Dialga and Palkia’s battle rages on.

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11/30/-1 (Originally Created: 01/04/10)
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