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NOTE: Ani: brother
Ane: sister


“Where are you Ane… I’m scared”

“It’s been a while since you called me like that Ani” Aika said in a soft voice as she caressed her brother’s hair. She liked to do that because she could see a relaxed Atsushi and somehow she felt she could protect him.

“I don’t want to be away from you again…” Atsushi mumbled, he was half asleep.

“So…is that memory again; I’d prefer not to remember it but I guess it can’t be helped” Aika said still caressing his brother; she was now making herself comfortable for what was coming; after all when one of them was feeling something strong, the other one could feel it , and in this case, see it too.


The dream began at the same time and place. Their parents were “killed” during the night because of the way they used their powers and now both of them were hiding in the destroyed mansion; when they finally exit their hideouts they were scared; still they had each other. At first they didn’t know what was happening and they became confused when one of their aunts came to the mansion to take them with her. The truth was, they preferred to be left alone for a while, or at least until they could comprehend the situation they were in.

They knew their parents had a large family, one that they tried not to mention and that was left in Japan; their life turned around their dad and mom in England.
At that time they were too small to say something in their defense so all their hopes remained with their aunt. She was the kind of woman that didn’t like children; she adopted them because someone superior to her ordered it telling her they could be useful in a future; if she didn’t accept, they would kill her. She was kind but at the end her true self appeared, showing a vampire full of hate and evil intentions.

Everything was fine until she separated them, when she did, problems began. The siblings were so scared and anxious that they developed a branch of their abilities into telepathy and that is how they communicated every night. Most oof the times they tried to figure out a way to escape. Several attempts where needed before they actually accomplished it; at that time they discovered one of their abilities and were able to run.

Atsushi was able to get out of the room where he was, then he went looking for her sister and when they finally met so did their aunt. She was furious because they disobeyed her rules and now was going to punish them hardly; a whip came from nowhere and hit Aika, when that happened Atsushi was angry; however he couldn’t do anything and was hit too. The siblings joined forces and looked at her with eyes different from the normal; they were surprised when she began to fall asleep, it was their only chance so they ran.

“Are you all right Ane? Atsushi asked when they finally stopped running. Aika nodded

“…but I think I got hurt somewhere…mi leg hurts Ani…” Her leg was bleeding as well as Atsushi’s left hand. Aika was about to cry; the reality was that Atsushi wanted to cry too but he tried to be strong enough for his sister’s sake.

“She was the culprit…if it wasn’t for that thing we just did…maybe it would be worst. Don’t worry Ane, I’ll lick it and then everything would be fine” Atsushi said smiling

“Let me lick your hand too” Aika answered with sobs realizing she had to be strong too so they could support each other.

When the bleeding ended they felt the effects of their power were ending and their aunt was waking up. They didn’t have enough time.

“Ane…remember that thing father taught us?” Atsushi asked quickly knowing their aunt was coming after them.

“That strange power to “fix” things?”

“Yes…maybe if I use it on your wound it would heal”

“Then…I’ll do the same on your hand”

The little vampires concentrated on the other’s wound and at the end it healed; however, a strange mark was left behind, it was the mark of the family…something that they wouldn’t forget.

They started running again but it wasn’t very long until their aunt found them. At that time she was about to take them with her; she didn’t care about the order anymore, she wanted to kill them for what they did to her, those eyes, she wanted to destroyed their eyes and be released from that burden. She almost did if it wasn’t for someone who appeared and saved the twins. Everything happened very fast and the only things they were sure of was that their aunt was dead.

The siblings tried to escape but suddenly a man named Asato appeared in front of them.
“I’m not going to do something bad to you…if you act properly of course…” the man grinned “don’t look me like that, I know what you are capable of. In fact I knew your parents very well” The little vampires relaxed somehow when they heard that; however they didn’t trust enough “For the sake of your future I want you to become stronger, I’ll take both of you with me”.

Many things passed through their minds but the man kept talking “You’ll never be away from each other again…” The man said as he approached to them and gave them a fraternal hug. When they heard those words, they thought they had nothing to lose if they were together; they cried and thought everything was going to be better.

They had a new father….


Yes, they thought everything was going to be better; however it didn’t turn that way. Now they were in Cross Academy, defending the name of their family and developing the new method to fight…at least they had each other.

“…as long as I’m with you, everything would be fine…” Atsushi mumbled again now moving to where his sister was and then hugging her tightly.

“…because if I’m with you, I can do anything..” Aika mumbled, she was now sleeping too.

“I love you Aika”

“I love you Atsushi”

They loved each other very much and knew no one would separate them again.


Hope that was ok ^_________^

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