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Feeling like it’s all over
“Are you sure you can do this Michiko?” best friend, Ichiro said. Michiko took a deep breath.

“Yeah, I do. I’m ready.”
Michiko hesitated a bit before ringing the doorbell. As she waited for someone to answer the door, a flashback she didn’t really want to remember came crawling into her mind…

Michiko Ryuzaki walked into school on her first year in high school. She sighed as she was walking through trying to find her class. Will I fit in? Will I find any friends? And what if people will think I’m weird just because of my wolf ears? She thought. At every school she went to, people would either be scared of her, or think she’s weird because of her wolf ears. Just because she was different. Just because Werewolves weren’t fully accepted in the immortal world of vampires and demons and that. Actually, animal spirits who were either half human or whatever weren’t fully accepted because of the rulers; the vampires. Stupid vampires she thought. People weren’t allowed to think or talk about them that way because if they do, they’ll get punished. She thought that rule sucked. Why couldn’t it be fair? Why couldn’t the animal spirits be equal with the others? She always wanted to know.

As she walked in to the front office, she saw that it was big crowd. Great she thought. When she could finally walk in the office without the big crowd squishing her, she walked up to the desk to find a young woman sitting at the front desk. She was pale, with bright crimson eyes, with a mark on her face. I’m guessing she’s either a vampire or a demon. She looked up at Michiko and smiled with her white teeth showing. She had two white gleaming very sharp fangs, so Michiko was guessing she’s a vampire. Then again, she does have the mark and the crimson eyes so she’ll go with demon. “Can I help you?” she asked.

“Yes, um I’m new here, and I need to um sign in?” I said.

“Oh yes of course, what’s your name?” she asked. “I’m Chihiro by the way, the receptionist. I work here everyday except on Fridays so if you need anything, you can always come here and ask me ok?”
“Um thanks. My name is Michiko, Michiko Ryuzaki.” Then Chihiro started typing on her computer.

“Ah Michiko.” Then she stood up, walked into the back door behind her, and then came up with a stack of papers and gave it to Michiko. “Here are a few things you need for the day.” She said. Chihiro gave her a map of the school, which she highlighted a few easy routes for Michiko to take so it’s easier, a class schedule and slips to give to the teachers to sign and bring back to the office. “I wish you good luck and cya later.” Chihiro smiled warmly.

“Thanks.” Michiko smiled back. “Cya.” And then she walked out.

The school wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be, she made a friend named Ichiro who was actually a neko and classes weren’t so tough either.

Months passed, and Michiko and Ichiro became best friends. She went out with someone called Masahiro. She knew he loved her and she knew that she loved him. But what she didn’t know what was gonna happen next.

As Michiko walked home from another school day, her phone rang. It was Masahiro. “Hello?” Michiko answered.

“Hi Michiko, um listen, I can’t make it tonight because I’ve got some stuff to do. I’m sorry.” Masahiro said sounding very sad.

“That’s ok, I understand. I love you.”

“I love you too, cya tomorrow at school.”

“Yeah, cya.” Then she hung up on the phone. That night Michiko and Masahiro were suppose to study together then go out into town. So Michiko just kept walking home and when she got home, it was just four.

“How was school?” her father said. Michiko’s dad was usually strict on her but surprisingly, he was very easy on the idea of Michiko dating someone.

“Good, good. Masahiro isn’t coming.”
“That’s a pity.” Michiko’s dad sadly said. But she sensed a bit of joy in his voice. “What are you gonna do now?”

“My homework. Actually, can I invite Ichiro over?”

“Why not. Listen, I gotta go to work. I’ll see you later.” Then he kissed Michiko on the cheek and went out. Michiko actually never knew what her father’s job was but all he said to her was that his job was to “terminate.”

She picked up the phone and dialed Ichiro’s number.

“Hello?” a voice answered.

“Ichiro! Hi! Um do you wanna come over and like hang out tonight? And um can you help me with homework?”

“Yeah, yeah, but you owe me ok?” He sounded a bit happy.

“Thanks Ichiro, your best!”

“Cya in ten minutes.” Then he hung up. Michiko placed the phone down and she let out a big squeal of happiness.

“Hi Michiko” Ichiro smiled as he walked in.

“Hi Ichiro! Come in, come in. thank you so much for coming! I really appreciate it!”

“What do you need help with? He asked.”

“A lot of things.”

“Well then, let’s get started.”

After doing their homework, Michiko and Ichiro packed away their stuff and sat on the couch bored. “What should we do now?” Ichiro asked.

“I’m hungry. Wanna go out for dinner?”

“Sure why not? Where do you wanna go?”

”Um, I don’t know. Why don’t we go to our favourite restaurant?”

“Sure, let’s go.”

So as soon as she knew it, Michiko found herself walking down the rows of tables and chairs with Ichiro to find a good spot. Then what she didn’t see coming, happened.

“Masahiro? What are you doing here?” Michiko found Masahiro sitting alone by the table. Then, a girl swept past and sat next to Masahiro and instantly gave him a full on kiss. What the hell? Michiko thought. Without thinking, Michiko walked over to the girl and slapped her in the face. “What was that?”

“Excuse me?” she said.

“You’re not excused! Why would you do that?”

“Um because he’s my boyfriend, duh” the girl said. Shock crossed Michiko’s face.

“Masahiro! How could you?!” tears started running down her face.

“But Michiko, I can explain!”

“There’s no need for explaining, it’s already been shown.” And with that, Michiko left with Ichiro just behind her. When they were in the bus, Michiko still couldn’t stop crying. She couldn’t believe what had happened.

“I’m so sorry Michiko.” Ichiro wrapped his arms around her. Michiko couldn’t stop crying.

“It’s ok; I mean I guess it wasn’t just meant to be.” I mean what is with me and guys anyway? They have a good time, go out and next thing you know, they leave you. So weird. Michiko thought. As the bus pulled up to the bus stop near Michiko’s house, Michiko and Ichiro walked out the bus with Michiko still crying in Ichiro’s arms.

“Well I guess I better get going.” Ichiro was about to walk out the door but then he turned around and saw Michiko trying not to cry. “Unless you want me to stay, it’s a Friday anyway.” Michiko looked up and smiled.

“That would be great, thanks.” So for that whole night, Ichiro stayed at Michiko’s house. They talked all night and as soon as she knew it, Michiko started pouring her heart out. She told Ichiro about everything; her mother, her childhood, (she was bullied) and her father.

“Well it’s getting late, better get going.” Ichiro said.

“Ok, cya Monday.”

“Bye, and please, smile.” Ichiro gave Michiko and big hug and then Michiko smiled.

“I’m smiling now.” Michiko smiled wider. Ichiro smiled back.



For the past three weeks, things have been turning out great for Michiko; she got over Masahiro, she got along with people at her high school and she got really good grades. She was still best friends with Ichiro of course too. Though as soon as she walked through her house door, thinking what a wonderful day it have been, something bad just ha to ruin it.

“Hey dad.” Michiko greeted as she headed straight to the kitchen. Her dad didn’t answer. “Dad?” she walked to the lounge room to find her father sitting on lounge room looking down. “Dad what’s wrong?” Michiko sat next to her dad. Her dad looked up.

“Michiko, I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” Michiko asked. Her dad moved closer.

“I don’t know how to say this but…you know how I’ve been out a lot?”

“Yeah.” She said slowly.

“Well it’s because…I’ve been seeing another woman.” Shocked crossed over Michiko’s face.

“You what?! How could you do dad! After all these years! And you promised your mom she’s the only one you love!” Michiko couldn’t stop. “How could you dad!” then Michiko sat back down on the couch and placed her head between her knees.

“Michiko, please listen. I did promise your mother that she’s the only one I would ever love but people move on, ok? She will always be in my heart but I can’t stay heartbroken forever. And when you meet her, you’ll learn to love her too.” Michiko looked up with tears falling down.

“So your just expecting me to love this stranger once I get to meet her?! What have you turned into?” Michiko moved away from her father.

“Please Michiko, that’s not what I’m saying I-”

“Then what are you saying dad?” then there was silence. For a moment the two just stared at each other; Michiko staring angrily at her father and her father staring at her, reasonably sad and full of emotion. “You know what, I can’t take this anymore. I’m going to sleep.”

“But you haven’t even had dinner yet.”

“I’m not hungry, goodnight.” And with that, she left the room stomping on the way. Gah! I can’t believe this is happening! She thought. Might as well run. But where? She thought about it for a minute. She got to her room and immediately collapsed on her bed. She wanted to pretend that all this never happened. She wanted to think that when she wakes up the next day, it would be all over. But no, she was wrong…

“Michiko, meet your new mother, Lily.” Dammit.

“Hello Michiko, it’s so wonderful to finally meet you!” she sounded so excited.

“Uh thanks, nice to uh meet you too.” I shook hands with her. Then she looked up.

“Oh look at those wolf ears! Aren’t they cute?” she started picking on Michiko’s wolf ears.Michiko was very pissed and she wished she could kill her right now. But no, she had to keep her calm.

“Um thanks? Hey I better get going to school, bye.”

“Oh why don’t I make you breakfast first sweetheart!” Michiko turned around looking frustrated.

“Do not call me sweetheart.” She muttered in a frustrated way. “And, I’m not hungry.” And she left.

“So your dad is just expecting you to like this woman that you just met?” Ichiro asked as they ate they’re recess.

“Well, in my view, yes. She even called me sweetheart!” Michiko couldn’t get the memory of this morning out her head.

“I feel so sorry for you Michiko.”

“So, enough about me, how’s it going?”

“Meh, its ok I guess.”

“So this means you and your sister are cool?” Ichiro lived with his older sister Naomi, who had problems. They’re parents would always be either be busy, or would be in another country so it would be Ichiro and Naomi left to take care of themselves. Now, their parents live in Ireland because of their, career. Recently, Ichiro and Naomi had a fight about some reason.

“Yeah, were cool.”

“How are your parents?” Ichiro paused for a moment.

“Uh they’re okay I guess.” Muttered Ichiro.

“Are they going to come back?” Ichiro looked down.

“No.” Ichiro muttered.

“I’m so sorry.” Michiko whispered.

“So moving on, I’ve got nothing to do on Saturday. Do you wanna go out for lunch or something?” he asked.

“Are you asking me out?” Michiko looked a bit confused.
“Whoa, no, no just a best friend sorta thing. Unless you wanna take it that way.” Ichiro hesitated.

“Um ok a best friend thing. Saturday sounds great to me. Meet me at my house at twelve?”

“Sure.” And then the bell rang signaling recess was over.

After school, Michiko decided to walk home alone so that she can think things through. What if she’s still there? What if she lives with us forever? And what if dad had forgotten his promise to mom? Michiko thought. As she walked in, she was greeted by Lily.

“Welcome home sweetheart!” Lily immediately hugged Michiko. Michiko stiffened and Lily let go, smiling like everything was normal.

“Uh thanks. But can you do me a favour?”

“What is it sweetheart?”

“Don’t call me sweetheart. Just call me Michiko.”

“Ok then Michiko. I prepared food for you. It’s in the kitchen.”

“Um, thanks? But I’m not hungry.”

“Oh but you should eat!”

“Maybe later, I’ve got homework to do.”

“Ok but please eat. I don’t want you starving to death!” she laughed.

“Ahaha.” Michiko pretended to laugh. “Where’s dad?”

“At work.”

“Um ok.” Then Michiko ran upstairs.

“Ichiro I cannot take this anymore.” Michiko said on the phone.

“It’s ok Michiko, just calm down. Do you want me to come down there?”

“Yes please.”

Michiko heard a groan over the phone. “Fine, fine.”

“Thank you so much!” She said, jumping on the bed nearly falling off.

“Alright then, cya there.” And the two hung up on the phone at the same time.

Ding dong! The doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it!” Lily said.

“No wait!-” but it was too late.
“Why hello!” Lily greeted. It was Ichiro.

“Uh hi.” Ichiro looked at Lily. Ichiro tried not to gasp. Could she be? He thought. Ichiro was guessing that she was a demon because of the red eyes and the mark on her arm. All demons had marks on them from a long time ago. She was quite pale, with peachy blonde hair, nice smile. Michiko ran to the door just in time Lily was about to talk any further; Michiko was afraid of what Lily would say to Ichiro.

“Hi Ichiro!” Michiko smiled.

“Hi Michiko!” Ichiro smiled back and waved.

“Um excuse me, but mind if you introduce yourself first?” Lily said.

“Uh sure. My name is Ichiro and I am Michiko’s b-”

“Boyfriend. Meet my boyfriend Lily.” Michiko interrupted.

“Ah.” Lily looked curiously at Ichiro and then smiled.

“Why hello there! I’m Lily, Michiko’s father’s fiancée.”

“Uh nice to meet you Lily.” Ichiro said then Lily moved inside.

“Come in. we’ve got a lot to talk about.”

“Like what?” Ichiro asked.

“Like getting to know you!” Lily pulled Ichiro to the lounge room. Michiko took Ichiro’s free hand and pulled him away.

“No! I mean uh, Ichiro and I have plans. Is that ok if we do this maybe someday else please Lily?” Michiko tried to force a smile. Lily looked a bit disappointed, and then had a happy face again.

“Of course. Nice meeting you Ichiro!” Lily called out as Michiko pulled Ichiro up the stairs.
“Nice to um meet you too Lily!” Ichiro called back. Then he was dragged to Michiko’s bedroom and Michiko slammed the door shut.

”Gee, you didn’t have to be that dramatic.”

“Well sorry Mr. stubborn.” Michiko joked.

“You can talk.” Ichiro laughed. Michiko laughed too.

“So what are your plans now?” Ichiro worriedly asked.

“To run.” Michiko was getting ready for it.

“Run where?”

“I don’t know. And I don’t really care; I just want to get out of here.”

“But what about your father? Lily?.. Me?” Ichiro said sadly. Michiko turned around to face Ichiro and he looked down.

“Well you see that’s why I’m running; I want to run away from Lily and all this mess, and you’re coming with me.” Michiko said. Ichiro was shocked.

“What about Naomi?” Ichiro choked out.

“Look, can you stop asking me questions? And you don’t have to come if you don’t want to okay?”


“Ok fine, I’ll go. But will you at least leave them a note or something?” Ichiro hesitated to say.

“Fine, fine.”

“So, when are we planning to run?”

“Tonight, just after midnight.”

---Ichiro’s Pov---
“Hey Naomi” Ichiro walked into his house discovering his sister in the lounge room watching TV.

“Yeah hey Ichiro.”

“Um hey. Uh listen, I need to tell you something.”

“What is it? Oh and before that, guess what?” Naomi had joy in her eyes.

“What is it Naomi?”

“Our parents are coming! Tonight! Isn’t that great onni-san?” Naomi got up
and hugged Ichiro. He was a bit disappointed. Not that they’re parents were coming; he was excited and all, but he was running tonight. Running away.

“Uh yeah, awesome.” Naomi let go of the hug.

“What is up with your expression? Lighten up a bit!” Naomi smiled. Ichiro
tried to force a smile but he just couldn’t.

“What’s wrong?” Naomi frowned.

“Well, it’s kinda hard to tell you but…”


“But I’m running away.” Shock crossed Naomi’s face.

“What? When?”

“Tonight. Just after midnight.”

“But…why?” Naomi started to cry.

“Because, I have to. Hey, what time are our parents coming?”
“An hour...before you…leave.” Naomi choked out the last word.

“Oh man.” Ichiro pulled Naomi into a hug. Naomi, started to cry. “I’m so sorry for doing this.”

“But why do you have to?”

“Because, Mom and dad have hurt me enough. I can’t take this anymore.”

“What have they done to you?”

“Stuff that a big sister doesn’t need to know.”

“But a big sister does need to know!” Naomi was pouring her eyes out.
“Come on Ichiro, we just made up and now you have to leave me like this?”

“I have to, I’m so sorry.” Naomi looked up and Ichiro wiped her tears away. Even though she was older (19 years old), Ichiro was still taller than her.

“It’s ok, I understand now. But will you promise me something?”


“Well two things actually, that you will keep in touch with me, and that when you’re ready, you’ll come back.”

“Of course. But can you keep this to yourself? You know when we communicate and that you won’t tell mom and dad.”

“Yes. I love you Ichiro, I just hope you reach wherever you’re going.” But Ichiro didn’t know where he was going.

“Thank you. I love you too. Take care of mom and dad.”

“I will.”

“Now, since we have about four hours left till mom and dad get here and five till I go, why don’t we make the most of our time right?” Ichiro smiled. Naomi stopped crying and smiled back.

“Yeah, why don’t we?”

So for the whole four hours, they played guitar hero, the ps3, listened to hard rock music and didn’t care if the neighbors complained or not and then it was it; the noise that Ichiro dreaded.
Ding dong! The doorbell rang. Naomi turned off their stereo and Ichiro cleaned up their mess. “I’ll get it!” Naomi said. She opened the door seeing a couple carrying suitcases by the door.

“Mom? Dad?” Naomi asked curiously.

“Naomi!” it was her mother.

“Mom!” and the two embraced. Ichiro stood by the door looking so shocked.

“…Mom?” Ichiro said shyly.

“Ichiro? Is that you?” His mother said.

“Uh yeah mom.” Ichiro, who was standing behind Naomi, walked up to his mother and his mother hugged him.

“Oh darling I’ve missed you! Look at you! Oh such joy to see you again!” His mother squealed in joy.

“Nice to see you too mom.” Ichiro smiled, then let go of the hug. Then, he saw his father, the man who had hurt him. He was standing by the doorway, looking pitiful. I’m not falling for that on again. He thought. His father always abandoned him and broke his promises and when every time he would break his son’s heart, his son, would always forgive him then things go back to the same things again: Dad makes a promise, breaks a promise, Ichiro gets heartbroken, dad says sorry and looks so pitiful and Ichiro falls for it.
“Ichiro!” His father called out and hugged him. Ichiro stiffened. “So glad to see you son!”

“Uh glad to see you too…dad.” Ichiro struggled to say “dad” and “glad”. He wasn’t glad, he wasn’t glad at all. Then everyone went to the loungeroom and their father took their suitcases upstairs where Ichiro lead him to the room his mother and father were staying.

“It’s just so great to see you son.” Ichiro’s father said.

“Uh glad to see you too?”

“Hey how about tomorrow we go somewhere and this time, I promise I won’t break my promise.” Ichiro was about to burst but luckily, he knew how to keep his calm.

“I can’t dad.”

“Why not?”


“Ok then.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Ichiro muttered as he waited by Michiko’s house. Finally, Michiko jumped down from her window and tapped Ichiro on the shoulder.

“Hey.” Ichiro said,

“Hey.” She smiled then frowned. “I’m sorry about your parents.”

“Oh shocks, that’s ok. So, let’s run?” Ichiro smiled and Michiko smiled back.

“Sure.” They both phased into their animal self and ran.

A year has passed, and Ichiro and Michiko are still running. They now live in out in the woods, hunting every night, and running every day. They would stop by at every town to collect stuff that they needed but eventually get out of that town. Every day, Ichiro would try to convince Michiko to come back, but Michiko refused to; she didn’t want to come back to that place, but Ichiro did. He thought it was finally time.

“Michiko, I know that it is painful, but don’t you reckon it’s time to move on?” Ichiro said while they were out hunting for food.

“No Ichiro, there’s nothing for me there anymore. It’s all over for me there.”

“No, there is something. Stop feeling like it’s all over Michiko.”

“But what Ichiro? What is that something?”
Ichiro kept silent while they were out for the whole time.
In the town they were in, they rented a house for only 5 dollars a day so they were lucky. It wasn’t the best house to live in, but it was ok for them for now. They got back to they’re rented house and Ichiro kept silent still and Michiko just sat down on the couch. “You know what, if you really don’t want to come back, you don’t have to. But-”

“Please Ichiro; I told you, I’m not coming back.”

“I’m just saying, that if you do plan to come back, don’t forget, I’ll always be there for you, by your side, supporting you. Ok?” Ichiro said.

“Got it, thanks Ichiro, you’ve been the best.”

“Hey, no problems.”


“Night.” Then Michiko left the room.

“So you really ready for this?” Ichiro asked Michiko as they got ready to run; to run back home. Michiko took a deep breath.

“Yeah. Are you?” Michiko asked.

“Yeah.” Ichiro smiled and Michiko smiled back. “Let’s do this.” Ichiro held his hand out and Michiko took it. Then, they let go started to run, phased and continued to run.

As the two were running, Michiko didn’t even have any second thoughts about this. She knew that it was time; to move on and come back. As Michiko’s house was in view, she and Ichiro quickly phased back into their selves and walked to her house. “Are you sure you can do this Michiko?” Ichiro said.

“Yeah, I do. I’m ready.”

Michiko took a deep breath, and pressed their doorbell button. The door opened and it was Lily.

“Michiko? Is that you?” Lily said.

“Yeah, it is me.” Michiko tried to smile.

“Oh come here!” Lily opened her arms out, and cried. Michiko was crying too and hugged her. Then, her father came up behind Lily and looked at his daughter.

“Michiko, is that you?” her father asked.

“Yeah, it is.”

“Oh you have changed!” and she did. She had longer hair, her skin had tanned into an exotic colour, and she had grown into a beautiful, average eighteen-year old woman. Michiko and Lily let go of the hug, and Michiko ran into her father’s arms pouring her eyes out. Her father was crying too.

“So good to you see you again.” Michiko said.
“You too honey.” Her father said. They let go of the hug, and her father saw Ichiro too. “My, my Ichiro, you have grown too.” And Ichiro has. His hair was still quite short and spiky like his hair always had but, his body and himself has matured a lot and now he has grown into a handsome young man. He’s grown taller too.

“Well I guess I better go” Ichiro said, walking out the door. Michiko was too caught up in her moment with Lily and her father, that she didn’t notice Ichiro leave until she turned her head towards the doorway.

“Ichiro wait!” Michiko screamed. “Excuse me, Lily, dad.” Michiko let go of their group hug and ran towards Ichiro. “Ichiro!” She called out. Ichiro stopped and turned towards Michiko. “I would just like to say thank you, for being there for me.” Then she pulled him into a hug, “You’ve been the best.”

“Thanks, that’s what best friends are for right?”

“Yeah I guess.” Then they let go of the hug and just holded each other’s arms.

“Good luck, with your parents and all.” Michiko smiled.

“Thanks.” Then Ichiro was about to go, but Michiko pulled him back and kissed him without warning.

“I’ll cya later. Merry Christmas.” Michiko said after catching her breath. Ichiro was still breath taken.

“Oh yeah, cya Merry Christmas.” Then he left, blushing. Michiko on the other hand, was blushing more. Michiko watched Ichiro leave, and then she went back inside her home. She group hugged her father and Lily again, feeling like this really was her home. Of course, she still loved her mother, but it was time to move on; her mother would always be in her heart. “Merry Christmas” Lily and Michiko’s father said.

“Oh yeah! Merry Christmas!” Michiko smiled.

--Ichiro’s Pov—
As Ichiro walked his way to his house, he couldn’t stop thinking what had happened. They’re finally home; where they’re supposed to be. As Ichiro walked onto his home’s pathway, he took a very big deep breath, stood by the doorway and knocked. A lady that he couldn’t quite recognize opened the door.

“Ichiro? Is that you?” the lady said.

“Yes, it is me Naomi.” Ichiro recognized.

“Oh Ichiro!” Naomi hugged Ichiro and started to cry. “I missed you!”

“I missed you too.” Ichiro started crying too. Then they let go of the hug and Ichiro saw his parents; they stayed, they actually stayed.

“Ichiro!” His mother called out and came to him with open arms. “How have you been? You’ve grown too!”

“I’ve been fine mom.” Then he let go. Ichiro saw his father.

“Ichiro!” his father said and hugged him. Ichiro couldn’t help but hug back and cry. “Nice to see my man!” that was the first time Ichiro had heard his own father call him that.

“Nice to see you too dad!” and Ichiro meant it. It felt good to be home again, with his family with him. “Merry Christmas” Ichiro said as the whole family group hugged.

“Merry Christmas!” Ichiro’s mom, dad and Naomi said.

Two months passed, and things have turning out great. Michiko and Ichiro are now more than just best friends, and their families’ supports them one-hundred percent. Michiko and Ichiro were happy that they were home, were they belonged.
The end!


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12/27/09 (Originally Created: 11/20/09)
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