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For Naruto, this would've been the most embarrasing night of his life. He had attempted to get a date with Sakura since he had one month to train for the Chunin exams, but failed. He went to his house and tried to use the transformation jutsu to turn into Sasuke. The jutsu went wrong and Naruto ended up being in his female form. He put on his orange jumpsuit and headed off, his pony tail swirling with the wind. How can this day get any worse?

Meanwhile across town, a certain red-headed boy named Gaara was watching the full moon rise. He could not sleep, due to the fact he has a sand demon inside him. The demon, named Shukaku, was bored. He decided to talk to Gaara.

"Hey kid. Would you let me out?" There was a long silence before Gaara thought in his head.

"" This answer made Shukaku very upset.

"Come on! We hadn't killed or eaten in days! I'm really hungry, thristy, and bored!!!" Shukaku whined. Gaara knew that his demon was nothing more than a giant, fat, girl-loving, yet powerful demon. Nonetheless, he refused.

"Then I'll make you fall asleep..." As soon as Shukaku said that, Gaara dropped asleep on the roof. He suddenly woke up, his yellow eyes flashing.

Now back to the Female Naruto. She, by she I mean he, had just asked anyone to help her, but all of the men were drooling at the sight of her. Naruto sighed. She then saw Gaara walking by. Even though she didn't think asking Gaara for help is a good idea, she went to ask him anyway.

"Hey Gaara! You wouldn't believe the day I had, believe it!" Naruto shouted to annoying catch phrase. This wasn't the same Gaara that Naruto knew. The real Gaara was emotionless, ruthless, and considered misunderstood. But we are talking about Shukaku here, who is cheerful and outgoing... like Naruto in a way. Instead of Gaara pushing Naruto away, he growled playfully. Naruto's smile frowned.

"Gaara, you don't look okay..." Naruto replied, seeing that Gaara had huge fangs.

"I'm not Gaara..." The red head answers. His whole body slowly encases with sand, making him have a tail, claws, and raccoon ears. Naruto gasped and fell down on her butt. Now her day got worse.

"W-who are you?" She asks the human-sized raccoon. He kissed her hand.

"I'm Shukaku the Sand Spirit and you are a cutie." Shukaku winked at Naruto. Naruto, who was kind of creeped out, tried to run away. With his long arms, Shukaku grabbed at Naruto and hugged her.

"I see... Shukaku loves women. Maybe, if I go out with him, he can bring Gaara back and I can be a boy again..." Naruto thought happily.

"Shukaku, you want to go on a date with me?" Naruto asked in a sly, girly tone. Shukaku nodded and carried Naruto into the streets. First off, they went to a Japanese resteraunt.

"Wow, and I thought I ate a lot!" Naruto exclaimed as Shukaku almost devoured everything on the table. When the waiter handed out ramen, it was Shukaku's turn to be scared. Naruto fastly chewed, gobbled, and swallowed every single ramen bowl. The strange couple became so fat and heavy, that the waiter gave both of them each a group discount. Next was somewhere in the forest. Naruto grabbed Shukaku's hand and led him to a clearing where there was candlelight and a nice waterfall.

"You know, this night has been great..." Naruto sighed. This was WAY better than dating that nasty, strong Sakura or the shy, quiet Hinata. This demon... this man seemed to won Naruto's heart with his charisma and animal-like behavior.

"Yeah, I wish it would never end..." Shukaku sighed as well, but in a more serious tone.

"What's wrong?"

"...I'm sorry. I have to go soon." The demon said sadly, his long tail dragging to the ground.

"But why? Why does this have to end?!" Naruto screamed. He never had this feeling of friendship and love.

"It won't work out, Naru-chan. I'm a demon locked inside the mind of a boring ninja. You are a beautiful human. Once the sun rises, Gaara would wake up and I would be gone forever. It wasn't simply meant to be." He frowned at this.

"I have a secret too," Naruto said, "I'm not who you think I am... I would be leaving too. I'm sorry...." Both the strange couple went silent. Shukaku shuffled his feet, his only human feet and turned away from Naruto.

"I guess this is goodbye..." Shukaku started to walk away when Naruto grabbed his sandy right arm.

"Don't leave me!" Naruto whined. Shukaku twirled and fell... right into Naruto's rosy lips. They kissed for a long time. A beautiful orange-red glow covered the forest as the sun rised. The couple fainted by them. Naruto turned back into a boy. Shukaku went back into Gaara's mind and Gaara was back to normal. After that, Shukaku didn't remember this. If you would ask him, he would say to you that it never happened. Naruto did remember, but he kept it to himself because.... It wasn't simply meant to be.


In case any of you were wondering, Shukaku the Sand Spirit is really Gaara's demon. You can find him in Volume 14-16 in the Naruto manga and episodes 73-80 in the anime Naruto. If you want to know what Shukaku looked like when Naruto dated him, I'll show you the picture:

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