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I sat on the park bench, which overlooked the entire village, because I was cold and miserable. I looked out over the many pine trees and watched as fathers and sons/daughters chopped down their Christmas tree. I remembered doing that with my own father. I decided then and there that I would no longer celebrate Christmas. The tree just reminded me of my father and it was pointless to celebrate it if the people around me didn't really care about me.

This was the very park bench I had sat upon nearly ten years ago when my father walked out on me, leaving me to fend for myself at a mere seven years of age. When he left, I had ran out of the city; I had found this park bench and laid down, crying myself to sleep. It was Christmas! These things don't happen at Christmas, I kept weeping to my myself.

When I awoke, I was in Kakashi's arms. He held me tight as I whispered everything would be OK. He brought me back to his bachelor's pad, which was messy and unorganized. I had only meant to stay a week but I had ended up staying seven years. He had been more of a father to me than my own. My father had controlled me into thinking no one loved me, and that he was the only one who did. He would tell me friends was for weaklings, that they only brought a person down.

But, he had never given me any reason to leave, and I didn't want to go. I liked living there. It was because of Kakashi that I made any friends at all. He was the sensei of a local academy, and he introduced me to all of of his students, and I became friends with them.

Kiba and I had hit it off better than anyone. Over the years, we grew closer and closer. He knew me inside and out; he knew my dislikes and my likes; my hobbies; he knew my class schedule! True, some would call him a creeper, but he made me smile when he would surprise me by waiting outside of my English class and walk me to History even though it is totally out of his way, which makes him late for his own class.

Believe it or not, Sasuke and I had hit it off as well. Granted, after his family died, he was never the same; but we continued to train together, which was like hanging out for him since he liked to usually do things on his own. I enjoyed our little spars, and I looked forward to them on most days.

I had just been given the news that Sasuke had run away, off in search of power. That hit me low in the gut. When Tsunade had pulled me out of class and told me, I hadn't gone back. I had run. I ran all the way up to the park bench and laid down, with my face facing the sky.

Why was it everyone had to leave me? Why were they all walking out? First my father and then Sasuke? Who would go next? Kiba? I didn't think I could handle that. I cried to myself, not wanting anyone to notice me.

I heard footsteps. Sitting up, I found Kiba making his way towards me. He sat down beside me, placing a gloved hand on my own, and pulling me into a hug. I didn't even hesitate; I just started crying into his shoulder. He stroked my head and told me he was here for me.

When I had cried myself dry, I pulled back. "Are you going to leave me too?" I asked him.

"Of course not!" he cried as he reached out to dry a lone tear that had escaped. "Look, Mia, you are so special, and your father and Sasuke were blinded by their own greedy needs. It's not your fault. You have plenty of friends who love you that are here."

I shook my head, "You are the only one that is here."

Kiba turned my head so that I could see behind me. Every one of my classmates and teachers were standing on the hill, each one holding a part of a string of lights. Together, they wrapped the tree with lights and decorated it with ornaments.

I wanted to cry. They had done this for me. For me! I wanted to cry with joy, but I held it back and gave Kiba a hug. "Thank you, Kiba, for everything."

He smiled, "I know this doesn't dull the pain any, but you have to believe in Christmas, otherwise when else are you going to get presents?"

I smiled genuinely and rushed to join the others as they decorated the tree. It still hurt that Sasuke had left, but I realized he would have left had he not known me as well. But, I had a great bunch of friends here that I loved and cared about.

I grabbed some ornaments and put it on the tree. Kiba came up behind me and lifted me up higher. I was running all over the place, wanting to do so much. I had missed out on a lot of Christmases, and I wanted to do so much all at once.

Kiba and I were placing some more ornaments on the tree when Naruto yells, "Mistletoe!" I look up and see him hovering over Kiba and I with a handful of mistletoe.

Kiba blushed, but I didn't give him time to think about it as I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him down to me. Our lips crashed together. It was the sweetest, most passionate kiss I had ever experienced. Everyone started cheering and hollering. When I pulled away, I whispered, "Merry Christmas."

The End!

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