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I don’t know why people sign GBs of people they don’t even know, requesting to be friends. I mean, it’s nice to meet new people, but you should at least talk to them before you sign their GB; you know what I mean?

A friend of mine here knows how it feels. They get perfect strangers asking them to be friends by signing their GB.

I’m not…against friendliness or anything. I love making new friends, really, I do. But there’s just something about strangers asking you out of the blue to be their friend and…I don’t know how it makes me feel…I just feel…shy.

And the worst thing about my situation is that I feel like contradicting myself. I want to sign Guest Books of people I don’t know so badly; just reach out to them and let them know I exist; to make a new friend…but I can’t do it.

I guess it’s because I’m scared of rejection. Think about it, how would you feel if you go through the motions of signing their GB and sub to them, and they never respond?

I’m really withdrawn around people I don’t know; in fact, I would still be in my shell if SaxGirl hadn’t given me the suggestion of making new friends by going out there and commenting. The Community Chat also helps as well.

Thanks to her, I’ve met my friends, and meeting more each day (usually). Each and every one of them brings something new into my life.

XxRaindropsxX always keeps my inbox filled with the latest message of our newest conversation. Whenever I’m feeling shy or just want to have a talk, she’s one of the first people I go to; and she always responds, although she usually starts the chat first.

sasusaku 4ever made me a Guest Poster on her Fave Naruto Couples world because I didn’t want it to be deleted. Now, we’re always talking about which pictures to post, and commenting on each others’ pictures also. (As well as laughing at them too.)

sparklingwave and I are both born writers, even though we both say that there’s people who are better them us. She was one of a few people who I became friends with by commenting when I didn’t know anything about her. To my amazement, she responded back, and now sparklingwave, SaxGirl and I are a trio.

And when the Chat came around, I met even more friends, including the one and only Heartkruez. PWNING BUDDIES FOR LIFE HEART!!!!

More chat friends include the zany delitor, the ‘advisor’ 7thEvaChild, the amazing elix3r, and so many more.

And of course, I’m most grateful for the friends that got me started on theO in the first place: wolf angel1, AnCiEnT OnE, shizuka 101, blondeinblack and SaxGirl. Words cannot express how thankful I am that you all subbed to me and welcomed me to theOtaku. Just look at how far I’ve come… I will make new friends…and nothing will stop me; Nothing.

I wanted to write something special about every one of my friends, to say how special they are to me, but it’d be too long. But here’s something for all my friends: a shout out because you’re the most bloody brilliant friends an Otaku can have!! *cries with happiness and glomps everyone*

I guess we all should be grateful for what we have, ne?

“Friends by heart; brothers and sisters by soul; quiet and shy?? Pshh! Try outta control!!”

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