How I Married Adam :D somegirl

bwahahah this is for Keome's contest but it's still a funny story ^_^

somegirl: "YEAH i'm in here all the time! ^_^ i even got married here!" [/vegas]
sleepinglionheart: your married?
somegirl: yes
somegirl: i'm married lion
Rachmaninoff lols@Jae
somegirl: my husband is adam though he doesn't claim me on here
Crimson-Rose: XDDDDDDD adam....
somegirl: he likes hitting on all the girls so... <_< pff as long as he doesn't take any home i'm ok with it
somegirl waits for delayed response
Crimson-Rose: he doesnt talk to me at all -_- it hurts my feelings
somegirl: aww
Rachmaninoff is still lol'ing
somegirl: make an impression
sleepinglionheart: that sucks
somegirl: he likes huge signs that say "I LOVE YOU ADAM" like at rock concerts
somegirl: just make him laugh and you'll have his heart ^_^
sleepinglionheart: he doesn't talk to me either
somegirl: bwahahah
somegirl tapes rach's mouth shut with scotch tape
Rachmaninoff: And then Jae will boot your butt out the door
somegirl: no giving secrets away!
Crimson-Rose: but i was in a chat wit him the other night... with beth and some others
somegirl: no no she's my sister i love her
Crimson-Rose: and he ignored me
Crimson-Rose: T_T
Rachmaninoff: Adam ignores everyone pretty much
somegirl: he does that <.< to everyone
somegirl: exactly
Rachmaninoff: even his poor wife
somegirl: EXACTLY
Crimson-Rose: but i dont like to be ignored!!!!! T_______T
Crimson-Rose cries on jae and rach
sleepinglionheart: i feel the same
somegirl still waiting on lion's reaction
somegirl: omfg @_@
somegirl: nvm
Crimson-Rose pets lion
somegirl: i'm not married to adam <.<
sleepinglionheart hugs crimson rose
sleepinglionheart: your not?
somegirl: i'm kidding
somegirl: NO!!
Rachmaninoff: lol
somegirl: i'm 17 xD
Rachmaninoff falls over laughing
sleepinglionheart: ooooooooooohhhhhh ok
sleepinglionheart: that makes more senes lol
Crimson-Rose: *dies*
Crimson-Rose: OMG!!! thats so funny!!!!
Crimson-Rose: we have to tell him this.... *laughs*
Rachmaninoff: James has been training you to BS hasn't he Jae?
Crimson-Rose: James is the master of BS
Rachmaninoff: I know
somegirl: omfg i just told adam and he thought i was married to lion @_@
Rachmaninoff: He would, poor confused man.

And that is how I was married to adam ^_^

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