simplebeast231 Stress-free riddles!

I'm sure you all are buckling down and studing your pants off get that A in the class of your choice, get the college applications in, begging parent for money for such and such summer trip, whatever. The most stressful time of year for high school students is rearing it's ugly mug and blocking the way to the freedom beyond.

Don't worry, this is but a short challenge. But must warn you it is a tricky work of wordplay. Allow me to demistrate.

Something found with nothing
It's found with yours
Black hidden in the white
Fact lost all in sight
Be it birds
Be it desks
The answer, the answer.
The elusive little dancer.
Stepping on on the tip
Pray that it may trip
Well, the day is bright and the end is near
Can you solve the riddle my dear?

We have all wondered the about the ledgendary question of how a raven is like a writing desk. Well I ask you now to twist and contort your brain (naturaly, please) to create a similarly unawnserable riddle. Now the rulez.

1. Be clean (I hope I never have to regret not saying this, so I won't.)
2. Be good (Know it's hard, but this is a challege, it is meant to be hard, so do try your best)
3. Post the answer in the comments as soon as the challenge is done.(Failure to do so will result in much headache on all our parts)
4. You may get a little silly, cause this is realated to a rather silly land, but do try to keep some of it under you big purple hats.
(edit)5. This is a unlimited entry contest, but be warned it must be original, and I will be checking.
Thats is all, now go and tease the brains of theOtaku.

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Riddle 83 ~littlepooch
Here's a Thought ~DeidaraNarutoClan
Riddles FTW ~wallpaperotaku
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