simplebeast231 YOU FAIL!!!

All right folks, I know something that many people fiercely decline, YOU FAIL.

Tats right I know, I know you screwed up. How did I know? 'Cause you are human. I also have another secret for you.

I fail too, I fail spectacularly. Literally, people follow me around to spectate how I fail daily. Now that's off my chest I'd like to blow your minds just once more.

I love it, I love failing. It shows me where I am and where I can go. When I fail I feel more focused than ever. The pain doesn’t matter much, it goes away before it's time to try again.
I believe this helps me a lot in life. So that is why I'm creating a world to put ALL my failures in one place. I'm going to admit to everything I did.
Here is what I want you to, I want to hear some stories about your funniest, dumbest, blondest.
Teh rules.
1. Have fun, I feel leave this out sometimes, it's really the most important thing on here.
2. Please try and be truthful, I don't mind a good yarn now and then but try and make it something you've actually done.
3. I will try and get some other judges together for the final picking, don't come to me, I'll go to you.
4. You don't have to have hurt yourself, just humiliated yourself to the highest degree.
5. God knows I want to laugh (far to well), so try and send some of those my way.

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Ich spreche . . . Dewen? ~jRockstar11385
Failure. ~ChiruPon
Random Moments...OF FAILURE ~HametsuKuro
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