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You've all seen them when you're browsing the Internet--fan-made chat rooms that unveil the secrets of anime/manga characters that are (or you wish were) true. They can be inspiring, sad, laugh-out-loud-funny and every emotion in between. You've always wanted to make one, but for one reason or another you haven't been able to. Well my fellow Otakus, that's all about to change.
Create a chat room that has characters from your favorite (or any other) anime/manga that you have a good understanding of. But, there are some guidelines:
1) Your chat room must have a key that tells me the characters, their screen names and which anime/manga they're from (or if they're not from one; in that case, just state what they're from.) There also must be a specific format. For example, actions are in Italic. Feel free to check out this Chat Room of mine to get a better understanding of the arrangement I want: http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/luckyfanfictions/view/127984/fallen_angels_cr_3%3A_one-shots/ (Sorry, I'm not able to directly link it. -_-)
2) Also, site links should be bold/underlined. Use the 'Bold'/'Underline' in the Backroom if you can't paste the URL. You can make up your own site, but be sure to mention that and to bold/underline it using the same Backroom tools.
3) Yaoi/Yuri may be allowed, but please keep it PG13.
4) Images can be in your chat room--3 is the limit; keep them small-medium please. ^^
5) The chat room must be on only one page—not two pages and above. It also must be of a good length.
6) Cursing is allowed, but keep it censored, like: D**n. IM lingo is also acceptable, but don't go overboard on it—if you do, chances are people won't be able to understand it.
7) Have the characters match their personality as much as you can; even if Yaoi/Yuri is involved.
8) Only one chat room per participant is permitted, so make them count!
9) And yes, OCs are allowed. You can even use just OCs if you want.
- First Place: A chat room written by me, using the characters from the chat room that you wrote. (I'll probably throw in some of my OCs too to make it interesting.)
- Second Place: A gift congratulating you.
- Third Place: The medal that you receive.
(Sorry if the prizes suck, but go easy, it's my first Challenge.)

You have two months to be in this Challenge.
So, are you in?

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