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Hey everyone! My first challange.
I love to write, so how about a fan word challange?
Ok. So this is a simple challange.
Write a one-shot of the strangest couple you can think of.
It can be from any anime and can be crossovers.
I got this idea from Den-chan's KirbyXSora pairing.
So anything will do. It can be funny, serious anything you like.
-Nothing over PG. If it can't be in a Disney movie, please don't write about it.
-It has to be fairly long. No one paragraph stories. It should be atleast a page.
-Please don't publish a novel. It's a one-shot meaning one chapter, not twenty pages long. If you really love your story and want it longer post it on fanfiction.
-any couple is allowed. It can be Sasuke with himself for all I care. (laughs at the thought of that) I'll even accept yaoi and yuri.
-OC's are not allowed.
-Please try(key word is try...IF you must you can change them a little) to stay true to the characters. Don't make Gaara a ball of sunshine. He's pretty unenthusiastic.
The winner will get a one-shot written by me with the characters they choose.
The runner up will get a drawn picture of their couple.

The Challange will be one month long. So it ends in December. I expect some great things.
Happy writing!

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