We all endure them, and many times they make us stronger. Sometimes the opposite occurs, and we are torn down. Often these trials are faced alone. Sometimes not. What happens when a couple, either platonic or romantic, face a trial? What will be the consequences? Will it tear them down or build them up? And what sort of relationship will remain between them when all is said and done?

This is your challenge, should you choose to face it: Write about a couple facing a trial together. They can be friends, lovers, engaged or married, what-have-you. They can even be new acquaintances thrust into this mess unexpectedly, if you so choose. Fast friends and all that.

The reader will need to know who the two are, what the trial is, how they face it, and what the consequences are. You may write either about Anime/Game/etc. characters or your own; though, I advise creating your own, folks. (It’s always more fun to torture the creations of your own mind.)

A set of rules/suggestions to guide you on your way:

  • Give the story a unique twist. Reading a clichéd story is no fun for anyone.
  • Make sure the length is appropriate for the story. Some of these may need to be quite long, others may do quite well with fewer words. I should think it would be difficult to do such a tale justice in under 1000 words or so. Again, that all depends on the individual story.
  • Watch your grammar. If you would like a Beta-Reader, go here and request one: The Writers Bloc
  • Watch your language, as well. You know the site requirements. Obey them.
  • Pay attention to the relationship between your two main characters. It needs to be believable, after all. For example, if they are “fast friends,” they’re not going to know a great deal about one another, are they?

Alright, you have your assignment. Now, enjoy this exercise/challenge. I hope to be reading some delectable entries soon.

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