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With the decision to cut Fan works from the normally viewed section of theOtaku I have decided to not let this stand. There is so much work here, to much potential to be ignored. The art of the word is a skill taught in every school, showcased in every event, broadcasted over every channel, highlighted, scanned, copied, pasted, far more than any other art form COMBINED. It turns into movies, creates works of art, inspires country to war and peace, and people to anger and shame. It is the longest lasting form of art, long after the Mona Lisa fades in color and flakes to oblivion, the eye for a eye mentality of Hammurabi's code shall still be governing the people's of the world. No form of art more clearly communicates feeling and emotion, more quickly shames or immortalize.

I challenge you to pick up you pens, pencils, quills, hammers and marble (Ummm, that's there for effect, but if you do, you are awesome and now my hero) and write of a work of another type of art, and put it into words. Wither it is how it makes you feel, what it looks like to you, what it makes you think of, what you think it represents, ect.

This is a open competition anything is fair game. Any work of anything you call art is open. The scoring will be how you write, not what you write of.

1. Have fun
2. Be creative
3. Respect another's art
4. Please give citation at the end of your work to the work of art your referring.
5. Plagiarize and I will send a legion of flying monkeys after you.
6. Since this is now hidden on the site I ask you to post and link this Challenge to your otaku friends.

That it, you have 3 months.

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Au Revoir ~rainkisses
A Vampire's Flower Language ~DarkSong
~In the Depths of my Heart lies Eloquent Beauty~ ~ItachiSasuke
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