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Okay guys I'm very excited this is my very first challege!!

This is what I want:
I want a story that has a twist at the end. That means it starts out one way and ends completely different! I would like something creepy, but the choice is up to you (please no fluff) I don't want a story with a permanent end to it. I want to be able to try and figure out if the story has ended or if it's still ongoing. In short I want an open ending that leaves me with questions in mind--this wondering.

You may only have O.C.s!

The rules are:

1. You must have an entity (no blob monsters!), something that moves on its own, and of course creatures of the night you don't need both creature and entity if you don't want both. You can use vampires (they are always welcomed) or create a character of the night!!

2. It has to be downright twisted there must be a twist at the end and not just a straight shot hence the title of the challenge! But it also has to be weird and crazy nothing ordinary please! The more twisted the better! But I must say that it must follow The O rules and keep your story PG13. You may use Yaoi/Yuri but it must be PG13. No Smex guys unless it's subtle.

3. You must use an entire verse of lines from any song that is twisted (check in with me first and I will let you know if the song is usuable) Using any one of these bands will be a definite plus, but it won't win me over unless it works with the story they are

Lacuna Coil
The Birthday Massacre
Within Temptation
Alice In Chains
Deftones and...
Depeche Mode
But again if you use them it must fit the story tht you've created!!

You may use no more than two songs (same or different artists is fine) by no more than two different artists, but it must go along with the story and make sense.

4. It may incorporate a picture to go along with the story. You may draw it yourself or get it from somewhere else! Pictures are Optional, but if you use one it must be a picture that works with your story so as to help me visualize what your story is about! Stories with a picture will get more points in my book, but it isn't necessary.


There will be first, second, and third place winners. Each winner will receive a gift everyone else will get a medal for participation.

Winner will get a gift, and a chance to have a character of your choosing for the coming of my second screenplay which is the follow-up to the first one on VAMPY'S POETIC ROMANTIC world. Because I'm trying to have it published and turned into a real movie YOU WILL HAVE CREDIT GIVEN FOR YOUR CHARACTER! Also I will use your story and song that you have chosen to be featured on AMVC Songs of Saturday!

2nd place winner will have their story and song featured on Songs of Saturday

3rd place winner will have their song featured on Songs of Saturday!

Good luck guys!! Be creative and have fun with this!!!

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