The Mask Anime Person Meets Real-Life Person

YOUR TASK: To create an essay comparing an anime character to a notable person in the real world.

1. Choose an anime character from any anime series. Be sure to specify what series that character came from.
2. Choose a notable figure in history. This person may be living (ex. Barack Obama) or deceased (ex. John Lennon).
3. Compose an essay comparing and contrasting the anime character you chose to the historical figure you chose. Don't forget to provide a list of references that used for your essay, to support the facts mentioned in your essay.
4. Place it under the appropriate category. Post type should be "Essay". Submit fan word.

1.) What kind of historical figure can I use?
a. Local, national, and world leaders - ex. Barack Obama, Margaret Thatcher, Mahatma Gandhi, Pope John Paul II
b. Celebrities and athletes - ex. Oprah Winfrey, John Lennon, Kobe Bryant, Muhammad Ali, Hulk Hogan
c. Scientists and thinkers - ex. Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Sigmund Freud
d. Other significant figures - as long as they have made a mark in our history
2.) What should be the tone of the essay?
- If possible, the essay should either have a positive tone or a neutral tone. You can have a negative tone to it, but you must take responsibility to provide valid supporting facts to it. It would be better, though, if the negative tone is turned down a bit.
3.) How long should the essay be?
- Your choice.
4.) Can I use profanities?
- Mild ones only. This challenge is intended to promote intelligent writing and consistent use of swear words make the essay less engaging. Besides, I also want the young ones to read the essays at ease.
5.) What should be the format of my reference list?
- Your choice, though I recommend using either the APA or MLA format.
6.) When will the winners be determined?
- As soon as possible. By the time the challenge ends, I'll be busy with college work, so I can't guarantee that winners will be determined right away.

1. Grammar and spelling
2. Following instructions
3. Availabilty and sufficiency of references
4. Essay content, particularly in reasoning

You can refer to the following fan words:
1. Kenshin Himura and Ron Paul: Preachers of the Same Word
- Compared Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin) and Ron Paul (US congressman and former presidential candidate)
2. Light and Ferdie: The Murderer and the Dictator
- Compared Light Yagami (Death Note) to Ferdinand Marcos (Filipino politician best known as Martial Law dictator)

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