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And so, chapter 1 comes to a close! And I have excellent news about chapter 2: I'm all done the sketches!! However, I don't think I'm going to start scanning them and inking them until the last couple of days of vacation and here's why: I have a ton of sketching left to do for the special holiday manga I'm doing and because of it being a holiday comic, I'm going to finnish the inking and toning before I do chapter two. The holiday comic is called "Mistletoe and Holly" and it's a story following a few of Santa's Elves. It's a one-shot, so it'll only be one chapter long, but that chapter could be as long as 50-60 pages long. So keep your eyes open for that when it finally does come out!

Also, now that chapter one has been released, I would like to re-introduce my Samurai Champloo fan-comic. I posted the cover a while ago, but never put any pages up. You can read the pages HERE!! There's a summary and rating for the comic on the cover-page. Please read it! :)

Thank you for supporting Pretty*Boy all the way through chapter 1! I, Daichi and Yuuhi are excited to see you in chapter 2!

See you then!

~Ali M.

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