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Hi everyone who is nice enough to read this! Well yeah... this is my first published manga on TheO :DD

Sunday Cake it about 7 friend(6 girls and 1 guy Harem?) and their adventures throughout High school! Thats about it, simple story line :)

Im sorry about the title, I tried making it random like Lucky Star(it was either this or Blushing Flowers and Blushing Flowers sounds wierd) And like Lucky Star, Sunday cake also has a mascot >:3 (the cake)

The front cover looks a little plain but I cant color it in(cuz I fail at computer art D:) it'll look bad in crayons/colored pencils

Later on maybe Ill add romance(cuz I'm a Shoujo Freak!) but I dont know, I might not

I'll try my best to make it as random as I can so please look forward to it :D!

I will also try to upload it any time I can!

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4-koma, comedy, high school, maybe romance, people, random, romance
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