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Naruto Shippuden Special : The Boy and the Crane
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EDIT: Oct 16th, 2015 : Added New Logo
-after much digging, I found me on page 113. just a tib-bit of useless information here-

[[All right, I should have a more original logo now... > ,>]]

I felt a bit nervous.
Comparing everything to mine.
"Oh. it's just another fan manga. No ones gonna read it"
all the way too...
"Hey! People here read fan manga and love it!
Plus it's the story to it that counts, right!"

Thus. Regaining confidence.

New Years Resolution:
Please check back on Janurary 1st & 2nd for the new pages!

A more, planned out story.
After a visiting young noble is brought as a spectator to the Chunin Examations he spys an orange-clad nobody freely snooping about who inadvertently stirs the noble's need for a deep rooted desire to be fulfilled. A desire which becomes a challenge our Hero, Naruto Uzumaki, is only 'somewhat' eager to face!

  • With so far, more than 20 chapters planned

It's going to be awesome! Believe it!

Aug 9th, 2014 : NEW COVER!

Alternative Contact Info: [email protected]

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