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Yay! I finally made a new manga...called Split Personality, and this is it's cover. Here's the information:
Rating: Youth 10+
Back Information: Elementary school was horrifying. Middle school was terrifying. And High School is your worst nightmare. In Carme Grace Academy, there are four cliques: the Offbeats, the Popular, the Athletic, and the Brains. Most of the student's have been assigned to dorms with their friends except for one unlucky group of four students, Naomi, Kelsey, Maria, and Hannah. Naomi is popular, sweet, and the very picture of all things girly. Kelsey is an offbeat, goth, and rebellious, and always armed with a can of spraypaint. Maria is the brains, shy yet sweet, preffering to spend hours in the corner curled up with her Twilight Saga books. Hannah is athletic, she is involved in every sport avalible to her, bouncy and can't sit still, and every second is itching to jog. When these four girls, who have nothing in common, find themselves stuck together in the last availible dorm, the drama begins. With everything from embarrasing to blood-boiling arguments, we have it all in Carme Grace Academy. Add to the mixture that all four girls like the same boy, and it's LOL funny. However, these girls have more in common then they think. Who says people from different cliques can't be friends?
Copyright: This is all my work. Anyone who dares to steal it will be fined. If you find any of my work on a website without my seal of permission, please report that website to me immediatly. I will begin to put a watermark on my work.

P.S. Which clique do you think the boy will be in?

Dedicated to: havestmoonluvr, cuz she's awesome! (and I love her comics)! ^^

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