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LeL: Gate Keeper of Hell
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"OMGGG! (OH*MY*GOOD*GOLLY*GOSH!) I finnaly started my comic!" Yeah that was like last year, I didn't get very far, did I XD I've got a new cover for it (still kinda crappy looking), and I'm gonna try and put up at least one page a week, well see, no promises. Thank you to everyone who faved, and hugged Lel ^^ I really apperciate it. I'll try to do better ^^

Genre: Comedy

Rating: Everyone! (READ IT!)

Summary: Having just moved into her new house, 6 year old Lel, finds that there is a portal to hell in the closet in her bedroom.

WARNING: This is my, IyamiNaHamusutaa/SJC's, comic, my story, and my characters. Please do not steal them, or I shall be forced to hunt you down with a vengeance.

Comic Started: April 11, 2009. 8:00 pm.
Comic restarted: February 26, 2010. 11:21 pm.

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byron, chibi, closet, comedy, cute, evil eillot, funny, halloween, hell, hitler, horror, jack, jack of the latern, jack the ripper, jill, lel, lel gate keeper of hell, pete the pedophile, portal to hell, random, teddy bear
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