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So yeah, thanks to shin I'm being temporarily pulled out of my little comic haitus. How long will this last? I don't know! But darn you shin for ruining my procrastination streak! What can't you do?!

That aside, *fancy dance move* behold the premiere of my series 'Lazy Day School Dayz'! Yes, the title is the lamest thing in existance but it was the first thing that came to mind. Well, actually second since the first one was 'Potato' but that's besides the point. I'm hoping to get this series going kinda like how I had the Basil and Roland strips.

I'm actually not making fun of Twilight (well, I guess I am a bit but that was just a bonus). What I'm really poking fun of is this video

The guy makes a comment on how 'nerd boys don't sparkle in sunlight'. Well, I just happened to scroll down and look at some of the comments written...I swear, the timing was perfect. There's a comment by someone saying 'a good nerd boy will let you put glitter on him so that he could sparkle.'

It was from that moment I knew a comic must be made.

Mike is the 'nerd' guy, Iris is the...gloomy chick. If anyone wants to pitch outfit ideas for the two to be used in later comics be my guest.

Scanners make me cry though. I put so much detail into the shading. A week and a halfs work to be exact. And the stupid scanner made it too light to see. So just take my word for it that the background, posters and pretty much everything is shaded with shadowing.

Oh, I forgot to mention...Squirtle Squad Sunglasses ftw!

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