Hoshi Kurusugawa (Fan Comic Portfolio) Naruto VS. Yumi

Don't you just hate it when two friends fight? Chibi's of Naruto, my character for "Naruto" Yumi, and me Hoshi. Naruto and Yumi don’t really get along, although when I first made Yumi years ago they did get along. But now that I look at her personality they would not really get along. So yeah I had this dream where I had to pick whose side to pick, and to tell you the truth I agree with both of them. (Although it was cool to see one of my characters in my dream.) When ever two friends fight I always go to one and comfort them, but usually there’s another friend too go with the other one. So yeah I had to pick whose side I should go with. (I would try to stop the fight, but when ever I try it does not work. I don’t make it worse, but I can’t make it any better.^-^;) It’s very hard to pick between one of your old character with one of your favorite anime characters. Well hope you like it, please comment. Thank you. (And the whole "You're not a real ninja" thing came from my brother, he does not like Naruto himself. Likes the show, just not really Naruto.)

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