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My Friends Are Your Friends
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NOTE: They following summory is FICTIONAL. As in, this is not real and did not really happend!!!! (Just wanted to clear that up, cuz there were some misunderstandings before. xD Ha ha.

"One day, I was on instant messanger, trying to contact my friend... ONLY TO GET THE WRONG SCREEN NAME and ended up contacting a girl named Tohru all the way from Japan!! Much to my embarrasment and lack of knoledge of this girl, Tohru and I kept in touch and in time, became pen pals. After learning more about Tohru, I also met a bunch of her friends on line as well (Yuki-senpia, Kyo-kun, Haru-kun, Momijikun, Hana-chan, Uo-chan, etc) and in return, they met all of my friends as well. A year later, my parents were at a slight delema with a family matter. Not wanting for me to get involved, they offered that I should go to Japan and visit Tohru and the others. Soon after my arrival, my friends all pitched in and decided to come see me in Japan, as well as Tohru and the others (most likely because they got jealous that I got to go to Japan by myself ). This is so exciting! I wonder what adventures await for me once I see Tohru-kun and the others? "

OMG!! I FINALLY GOT THIS UP!!!! Basically, like the intro says, its a random and funny manga adventure (in a way, it's kinda like Lucky Star, I guess you could say) about my [FICTIONAL] adventure in Japan with me and my friends. That being said, this manga is also dedicated to my loving friends who are always there for me and have my back. Thank you guys, I love you all!!! I hope everyone will like this!!

NOTE: A lot of these pages are not the right size, as I'm sure you can tell. Please download high resolution to see the correct page size and so you can READ it. I'll try to fix it if I can... if you have any idea how I might be able to do that, I'll give you a box of pocky!!!!

Please comment/hugs/fav!!! Arigato!!!!

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