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Before I say anything else, NO! I WAS NOT ON LSD WHEN I DID THIS! It's supposed to look absolutely chaotic!!! ><

In case you can't tell, the lucky ones srcreaming and pretty much freaked out in the heart are, (left to right, starting at bottom) Reno, Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth, and Vincent.

Just to let everyone know I"m going to start this comic back up again, to get me, "in shape" for my upcoming contest.

I'm going to redo the manga all digitally. ^^ Hopefully I'll get farther this time than last. XD
Just to let everyone know, the storyline will still be the same, how the Final Fantasy Characters ended up in Kingdom Hearts! XD

Yup! That's about it! I'll just end this with what I heard once on an anime skit at a Con:

Please feel free with laugh with it or at it, but please love it! ^^

Oh and ladymage? This entire re-vamping of the series is going to be dedicated to you! It's because of your comment that I started to get to work on this again! ^^

Thank you to all! I hope to make you laugh with my awesome gag manga! ^_^


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