whtdragon (Fan Comic Portfolio) by popular demand...(rant)

This is climbing it's way up on my list of annoyances right up there with the over saturation of Naruto-based images, people not reading posts, and no one getting that whtdragon is a dragon

Now don't get me wrong-- art's art, and if it's good and cool looking, than it just flat out is, but what bothers me is that someone can post a image of their original characters, slap a "Imma demon with a sad tragic past/just plain evil in my fan fics/comics!" and people go nuts over it. Why? You'd think after the 700th OC demon character came along with such a generic average storyline, or even worse- a complete clone based on popular animes and games and their stories, people would get tired of it. Than again, I keep thinking the same thing whenever I see someone posting their drawing of Sasuke in the same exact pose/look/stance as seen from the actual show or offical artwork.

Again, Don't get me wrong, we all have to start somewhere, but would it hurt some of you to TRY and draw the characters differently? To think outside the box? To not have them giving that dark brooding look? Does there REALLY need to be blood spatters everywhere? And the barb wires, or the vampiric-goth feel of things? Dramatic doesn't mean death and destruction.

okay ranting aside, xpx I'm not aiming to single anyone out, no one has actually ASKED me to do that in awhile, it's just pretty depressing to see people want death-filled images ALL the time. I question humanity a lot though, so take what I say with a grain of salt if you will.
And to those that may or may not point it out: No. Oni-wht isn't a "dark demonic creature" She's more based on the "fierce deity" Link in Majora's Mask. (the name oni-wht parodies the "oni-link" name some people call it which is only a partial translation to the name used in Japan) so basically, oni-wht is more of a demi-god vov so HA. I'll be quiet now lol

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