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And, for the final day of OC Inktober, we have...


A new character!

Lukas Zelen
Role Play: Prismatic Haven
Age: 17/18
Height: 5'9"
Background: Lukas comes from a world where people are losing the ability to see color. Those who still can are called Prismas, and they are sheltered in a town called Prismatic Haven. Lukas was born and raised in Prismatic. Both of his parents are Prismas and teach at the town's elementary school, where his younger siblings are both enrolled. When Lukas started high school at the Academy, he began hearing stories from the students who were brought in from the outside, and he gained an interest in the world outside of Prismatic. His goal is to one day see it for himself.

Personality: Lukas is laid-back and talkative, the type of guy who likes to strike up random conversation with anyone who catches his eye. He also has a habit of talking with his hands. He loves to work with his hands and has an excellent work ethic. He's not so good with abstract things, though, and can at times be pretty dense.

Special abilities or items: can see a specific shade of green

Prismatic Haven (c) respective owners
Art (c)Kita Mikichi

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