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Join Yuna and her sisters as they travel to Ethosis, where the Summer Festival tournament is underway! An adventure unfolds as they meet three brothers who share the same secret...neither family is legally allowed to travel outside their home country! See what lies in store as these rebellious teens seek entertainment, to compete, and more! Can they make it through this festival and keep their secrets safe? Find out in Life with Love and Magic!


Hello, all! I'm back and I figured "Why not post it here too?" So here we are! LWLAM will be updating one page at a time every Friday! If you wish to view a higher resolution version, follow this link to the uncompressed version! Or, if you want early access to new pages, follow this link to become my Patron! All tiers have early access and the lowest starts at $1 a month! Pssst, you can link it to your PayPal, too. All you have to do is set it up, choose a tier, and forget it! Patreon handles the rest!

I will do my best to remember to upload here when a page goes up. It will be a little difficult, seeing as my other sites have a scheduling option, so as soon as I am done, I set it post at certain dates. Here? Not so much. I'm extremely forgetful >.< So, if its a Friday, and there isn't a page yet, just PM me and poke me!!!

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Elemental Magic, Fantasy, Life with Love and Magic, Magic, Magical Garment Boy, Magical Garment Girl, Monsters, Official, Romance, Slice of Life
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