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HELLO, MY DEAR FRIENDS, how's it going? :D

So I've been enjoying summer vacation, and just yesterday the launch trailer for Dai Gyakuten Saiban went up. THE GAME LOOKS ABSOLUTELY LOVELY, and a western release hasn't been confirmed yet, but I'm sure there will be one at some point, CAPCOM CAN'T HOLD IT FROM US, IT'S TOO PERFECT TO NOT LOCALIZE(seriously, they don't even need to "Americanize" anything this time like they did with the rest of the AA series, they got a good load of their work cut out for them, really)
Anyway, after a lot of people saw the trailer, some of them noticed that the new prosecutor, Baroque/Barok/WHATEVER HIS NAME IS did this...very interesting thing in the trailer, involving slamming his desk WITH HIS LEG. Everyone on tumblr pretty much lost it then and so ~THE LEG THING~ became a brand new fandom meme, in fact the a good chunk of the "Dai Gyakuten Saiban" tag on tumblr is full of jokes, screenshots, fanart and more of Baroque doing the leg thing, AND I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH I HAD TO DOODLE THIS. Seriously, I've spent quite a bit of today just giggling over the leg thing and jokes about it like "GIVE 'EM THE OL' RAZZLE DAZZLE" and "LEG SO HOT YOU FRY AN EGG" >XD

Anyway, this was kind of a quick doodle, so there's not much to say about this comic. However, I will say that while thinking about the leg thing, I kinda got the idea of Ryuunosuke getting a bit flustered and confused when he first sees Baroque doing the leg thing. DON'T WORRY, RYUUNOSUKE, TBH I WAS WONDERING IF HE'S TRYING TO INTIMIDATE YOU OR SEDUCE YOU MYSELF...
I got nothing else to say about this, so I will finish these footnotes with some of the most beautiful words I've ever seen/heard:

"leg so hot

hot hot leg

leg so hot you fry an egg"

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