TrueStory (Fan Comic Portfolio) Why we can't have nice things.

:| I'm not even joking, this actually happened to me not too long ago.
It's like...Why?! Why can't some people grasp in their minds that people like me have a hard time controlling their emotions, and sometimes don't have a good hold on them. That's why they're called " Mental disorders", they're DISODERS!
I-I mean, it's basically like popping a child's balloon and then calling them "sensitive" for crying about it.


To further explain the story behind this comic, I was going to show one of my friend's this anime that I really like, but before I could start the video, she goes, " Ugh, this isn't going to be 2 hours long is it?"

I know that's not really a big deal, but for me it was, because the way I viewed it, she was basically saying that the show I picked out was stupid, or an annoyance, which in return made me feel bad for picking out to begin with. To make matters worse, she continued to say, " I don't really like animes like this, especially if they are too confusing to follow."

At that point I was crying, and she actually started to laugh at me. Laugh.
She stated that me crying just baffled her and she couldn't understand what she did wrong, which I suppose might be true, but to laugh at my crying didn't help me.

Yeah, I know that to a normal person this might not seem like a problem, and even it might seem like I'm overreacting, which I know I am, but I CAN'T HELP IT. That's just how my mind works thanks to my anxiety.

*Sigh* I feel like I've done something like this before in the past, but I guess it never hurts to remind people.

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