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Good Morning, Good Morning
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THE END!!!!!! *U* So corny aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh...;;;; SORRY, I'M JUST ONE OF THOSE SUCKERS FOR CORNY ROMANCE.
(a-also, a whole ton of swearing from nowhere WHOOPS... If that bothers anyone, I can change it. ;o)

BUT YEAH, finished thing from Akioh! Amazing. It took me forever to think of a decent (or just CONCLUSIVE) ending for this little story. Originally, Gabe was going to just say something like "Love you," rather than "Good morning." But "Good Morning" fit with the theme (and title), and it was also part of his little fantasy thing from page 4... So yeah. But since it took me so long to getting around to drawing this page, the style came out a little different from the rest of the story... aha. xD;;;

Overall, I'm super happy with how this comic came out. ;u;/ ♥ This is the first time I've made a real effort to understand panel size and placement, so I know the flow isn't perfect... but I feel like it's a lot better than where I was before. I'm gonna keep working on paneling so that I understand it even more!! >:V

This is also the first non-4-panel comic where I tried to make the art better than just sketches. I mean... it's still sketches, in that it's drawn with a pencil... But I made the lines cleaner than last year's comic by using a hard pencil for a prelim sketch, and lining the sketch using a softer pencil for darker lines. Idk, I'm pretty happy with the quality of art I was able to do for this comic; I did the best I could do. :,D

So yeah. Things I think I've gotten better at from doing this comic are paneling, cleaner art, and facial expressions... I guess the things I'll want to work on for my next comic is to make it more pages (maybe 20 or more), work on more interesting dialogue, and... OH, camera angles. But that last one might be a bit too daunting for me to try, at this point;;; aha. xD;;

ANYWAY, thank you so much for reading, if you did. ;0;/ ♥ ♥ ♥ I hope you liked it!! I know I had a lot of fun making it. :,D

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