TrueStory (Fan Comic Portfolio) I never could win.

Not really a comic, but...whatever.

So, I had this weird dream.
It begun with me being excited for this prom, and I was confident that I would win, but yet when it happened, I ended up losing to this other girl called "Anna"
I walked back home upset, this girl who was supposed to be my sister asked, " What's wrong?" , and in return I yelled at her, " I wasn't picked prom queen! I'm so upset that I could mess somebody up!" Whatever that meant.

I ran through the backyard of my old home, and then cried for a bit.
Next thing I knew, I was home and I walked downstairs to my living room, only to be greeted by my parents, some police men and these random old guys.

I asked what was going on, and this cop asked something, but I forgot, something to due with a crime of some sort. Then, my Mom comments, " You did say something about being so upset that you would kill somebody."

And I was like, " I didn't say that, I said ' mess somebody up'"

Suddenly, the old guys became furious and the police had to handcuff them, dragging them away. It was then I realized that the old men were family members of the victims I must of killed.

Randomly in my mind, I considered this to be a good idea for a chapter for my current story in real life. (At that point, I think I was kinda awake, but not really.)

I fell back into full sleep mode, the dream continued with me not being arrested for some reason, I walked up to this screen door and see my grandma, she looked at me in distressed and said, " Forensic scientists have been here. You need to get away."

I cried as Grandma handed me this odd bike, it was bright red and looked like it was made for kids, but nontheless, I took it and rode away down this empty road. The only person I came by was man riding a bike also, but the road we were on suddenly stopped at this ocean and the guy went into the water, not returning.

I slammed on the brakes, but ended up going into the water a little bit,
and when I touched it, my body disappeared for a second before coming back.
I got back on my bike and went back down the road, I passed by this empty gas station that had this giant snake lying in front of it.

I hovered into the air and said something like, " I mean, this is cool, but what does it mean?" ( It seems I became self-aware again.)

I returned back to my Grandma and we were in front of those quarter machines that you often seen in stores. Grandma gave me two quarters to put into one, and it got a sticker. (I forgot what it was, but originally, I wanted a Pinkie Pie one.)

That's about all I can fully remember. I had another interesting dream recently, and I may talk about it in the future.

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