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May Contain Meerkats
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OK, so like most of v comics I've put up on here, this one has been brewing in my head 4 a while, but it is considerably different. (Don't worry, I haven't forgotten Hetalia This Means War. In fact, I've come up with a new chapter. (2 words; Munich Putsch. It'll also involve hospitals, a bit of shooting, and a potential cancer cell. (#Guess who. It's one of v "ponies" on v cover.) )
Aaaaaaanyways. CCR, I'm really sorry 4 stealing your idea. Please comment and tell me if you're bothered about it.
Only unlike Randomosity, this comic will contain lols from my life, not yours, and I think everyone's going 2 b My Little Ponies 2 protect their identities.
This comic brewed in my head 4 a while bcoz I wanted 2 start it @ a certain point in time, which has passed. So here u go. Enjoy!
Oh, and if u c a tag that says something like "fû÷º½£hrer", it's supposed 2 say "führer". It's a title, like v Queen or v Chancellor of v Exchequer. And yes, v Cutie Mark on v scary-looking alicorn on v top-right is a swastika. -_-' (This, btw, is by no means v 1st time that symbol has appeared in 1 of my comics. Expect a fair bit in HTMW. Soz. (Now 2 hope it gets past v guys checking submissions...) )
And who is v scary-looking alicorn in v top right? I'm going 2 make u guess! I like giving u guessing games! :)
[EDIT; I was wrong about v tag. It says führer. LOL]

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