TrueStory (Fan Comic Portfolio) THE DRAMA!

I made this to cheer me up.

So, this is inspired by a 'fight' that I had on Youtube,
and I swear to you that I didn't start it, I was just minding my own business when this girl just decided to start a fight with me.
Well, I tried to politely ask her what she was doing, and she just responded with more insults. I wasn't just going to lie down and take this,
and well...the rest is basically explained in the comic.

It's funny really, fighing people with no grammar skills.
Honestly, it's not really the fact that they had bad grammar,
it's the fact that they acted like I was the immature one there.
Yeah right.

I have no problem with 12 year olds or even younger age groups,
I pretty much can get along with anyone, but I WILL NOT like you if you are rude to me, that much is obvious, I mean, nobody likes rude people, old or young.

Also, cussing a lot doesn't make you look mature,
it just makes me feel like you're trying too hard to be cool.
I honestly can't stand people who cuss like in every sentence,
I much prefer clean language, or you know, somewhere inbetween.

On the bright side, this gave me a comic idea at least.

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