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I take most of the manga I read through a few mental tests. I ask questions like: The plot is good, but is that the most creative way to have it play out? What could they have done better?

That and I like to look at things that the author must have overlooked. Some things I can just agree that it would be ridiculous for the author to have even thought about putting such a thing in, but most of the time I try to keep with reasonable mistakes.


I was reading Shimizu Reiko's 'Himitsu - Top Secret' trying to find faults in it but each one was destroyed within the next page. Of course, I had to keep with my suspended disbelief as any sane reader would, but my gosh, she knows what she's doing. She knows how to write a manga. She's covered every area of discussion I could think of on the topic of viewing the brain.

There is a very young looking, attractive man who is surprisingly skilled at his work, yet he actually is faulty. And I'm not saying the total god who's afraid of spiders or something silly like that. All of his colleagues believed that their disturbing work didn't disturb him in the slightest because he was the only one to not have killed himself or gone insane, yet he was actually greatly affected and haunted. He's not perfect.

The entire of concept of Himitsu - Top Secret sounds silly, but playing with the idea she goes to the ends of the earth in describing the abstract phenomena...It's....so great...;w;

Oh, lemme give you guys a summary, from a place that know how to write summaries ('cause I'm nice like that...pffffttt...'orz):

The story takes place five decades from now, when brain scanners have been perfected to the point that the government can retrieve up to five years' worth of memories from people's minds — even if they are dead. The investigators of the National Research Institute of Police Science's 9th Forensics Laboratory must weigh the ethical choices in the ultimate invasion of privacy as they delve into people's minds to solve crimes.

Not only that...Not only that....

THE ART IS PERFECT!!! I mean, there is not ONE panel that seems out of place or just plain wonky. It's amazing...the quality of this manga....

DEFINITELY check it out!

Also there's an anime...I dunno anything more than that, though, but it does exist if you prefer watching anime~! :D

Wowww...I talked a lot...;3;


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