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Crash Book 2: Coral Romance
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Well The first book was done So I drew up the second cover.
This Coral romance will explore # things that were brought up in the first issue.

1: the genesis of Richard and Millany's relationship

2: Johnny and Arisa's roll in the plot

3: What the is the program for?


Despite the problems with the last books rendering-recent events(house fire) have Damaged the original book- in order to correct or improve the art in the first book- as well as the pacing which at times can be to fast- Ill have to redraw -again. I dont want to get so hung up on the first volume that it robes me from completing the series- so instead Im just going to do that- finish the series.

Then once all 13 planned issues are done- go back and Re-do the first book.
Ive learnd so much in the 6 years it took for me to make it that I hopefully wont ever again get cuaght up on just one issue. hopefully that was a one book thing and not a consistent habit of mine.
For those Who werent able to follow what was happening in the first book heres a small abridged synopsis.

1: richard and millany Meet Arisa Ken.

2:Richard and millany meet Johnny Karuzuma

3: Both are hired to the family bakery-which is also their home.

4: Richard discovers a Disc

5: Richard Fiddles with the disc

6:They all go to the beach where richard has an awkward encounter with two girls who believe they are his girlfriend.

7:Arisa Ken is kidnapped and the kidnapper lets her free once she is informed of Arisas memory loss.

8:Richard and millany enjoy a date out together.

and 9: richard put in the disc again and gets sucked into the computer and finds its government tech.
Enjoy this New book with me please!

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