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Can you believe it? This is the 3rd time I've had to write all this up since I keep making mistakes and not submitting this properly >_< I hope it works this time! I have to go walk a dog soon O_O'

OKAY so after reading superstarpanou's cute and funny 1-page comics, I was inspired to try my own!

This is... really messy =_=' You might wanna view it in high-resolution but don't look too closely since I made lotsa mistakes O_O

Anyway, this is a story about what happens when my sis and bro connect and play each other on my Nintendo DSs. They're so competitive! They literally pound on the gameboys! Man, its unbelievable... and I'm seriously starting to think that some games are created to destroy the DS O_O You should see what you have to do on some of them... 'scribble on the screen to win', 'press A fast and repeatedly to win'. The buttons are starting to squeak now and if I didn't have protective stickers over the touch screens, I'm sure my siblings would rub a hole right through the whole DS xD
So almost everytime they play, I always end up reminding them to have mercy and to not kill the gameboys while they are in the process of killing each other!

Lol so yeah, this is just a little something to get me in the 'comic' mood^^ Thanks for viewing and if you smile even a little, I'll be happy! :D

Dedicated to superstarpanou, who inspired and reminded me that normal everday experiences can be made into funny cool comics! Thanks Panou!! *hugs* And keep up the great work on your comics/manga!!

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