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Koharu and Klara
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🌸 CHARACTERS: Koharu (au version), Klara
❄️Pokemon: Talonflame (Blood) m, Sylveon (Rose) f, Slowbro (Galar), Greedant (Nick Cage) m
🌸 Series: Pokemon: Sword/Shield, Pokemon Journeys
❄️ Materials: Sketchbook, pencil, colored pencils, PicsArt, Phone camera
🌸Time spent: 2-3 hours (roughly)

🍯.ο½₯*:q≻───── β‹†πŸβ‹† ─────.•*:q🍯

It's been a hot minute since my last drawing. I haven't had much motivation to draw this month for some odd reason. I haven't drawn much because I've been busy, lack of motivation, depression/lack of interest, etc. But...I finally drew something so progress eh?

I decided to make a Pokémon themed drawing since Pokémon Day is just around the corner. Since I am playing Pokémon Sword as Koharu, I drew her with Klara along with a few of the Pokémon I'm using on Koharu's team. I drew Rose the Sylveon (that's what I named Koharu's Eevee for my fanfiction that I have yet to write lol), Blood the Talonflame (caught him as a Fletchinder), and her newest team member is Nick Cage the Greedant.

It's my first time drawing Talonflame, Slowbro, and Greedant so they may not be game/anime accurate... but I tried....

Pokemon Fan Art
chloe cerise, galar, galarian slowbro, greedant, group, isle of armor, klara, koharu sakuragi, pokemon, pokemon day, pokemon journeys, pokemon sword and shield, slowbro, sylveon, talonflame
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