Vellatra (Fan Art Portfolio) OCtober 17: Video Game Insert

OCtober 17: Video Game Insert
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CrazyOldReb and I made this guy together, as an insert for Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess, or rather, for a story that follows after the events of the game. I'm quite fond of him.

Nikolas is a prince from the twilight realm, and the firstborn son of Link and Midna. One day, disaster fell on his land, and his parents were turned to stone by a mysterious mage. He borrowed his father's legendary garb and weaponry, and went to Hyrule to try and find a way to save them.

He's half Twili, so he looks like one, but he's also half Hylian, so he can't do any of the cool stuff like hiding in shadows. (But he's also more tolerant of light spirits, so that's a plus, right?)

His Twili markings look suspiciously like Triforces on the back of his hands....

Zelda Fan Art
But where is Zant? Good question, Hey!, Legend of Zelda, Link x Midna, Listen!, LoZ, Midlink, Navi, Nikolas, OC, OCtober, OCtober 2022, TP, Twili, Twilight Princess, What do your Twili eyes see?
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