Rainbow Dragon (Fan Art Portfolio) Thank you, Takahashi-sensei

Thank you, Takahashi-sensei
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- Hey all, long time no upload anything. I've been busy with life and haven't been on here much. Been kinda taking a break...but I present a new art piece.

- The creator and author of Yu-Gi-Oh passed away recently a few weeks ago...and I was saddened by the news. I considered Kazuki Takahashi to be one of my favorite mangakas/artists. His work of Yu-Gi-Oh has had such an impact on my life, going on almost 20+ years.

-I was in elementary school when I discovered the Yu-Gi-Oh series...and since then I've been obsessed with it. Even today,it still means a lot to me. I feel like I've grown up with Yugi and his friends over the course of my life...and they've always been there for me, inspiring me to try to do my best and be a better person.

-Even watching/reading any of the Yu-Gi-Oh animes would always make me feel better....because they were trying their best too...it made me want to keep going and it's helped me during those dark moments of my life or when my mental health isn't the best... Yugi and his friends were always there for me...and they helped me out of my slump...they still do.

- Also the art of Yu-Gi-Oh and his artwork as a whole is what has had the most influence on my art.. I always loved how expressive and dynamic his characters were. They continue to live on for me and many others.


[ About the art Itself ]

-This is the artwork I created for my tribute to Kazuki Takahashi by itself. I promised I'd upload it on its own..so here it is. Dark Magician Girl and the Millennium puzzle mourning their creator in a field of flowers while offering flowers as a tribute. The flowers represent their creators work inspiring the lives of countless Yu-Gi-Oh fans like myself.

Rest in power, Kazuki Takahashi-sensei, for you always will be our true king of games. Thank you for being apart of my life with your amazing manga, characters and art..you've inspired me to become the artist I am today and I'll keep getting better. Thank you for being here with us and being apart of our lives. We love you and miss you.

(Seems fitting for this piece to be my 250th drawing uploaded here to theOtaku.)

Yu-Gi-Oh Fan Art
crying, dark magician girl, fan art, field, flowers, Kazuki Takahashi, millennium puzzle, sadness, sunset, tears, Tribute, Yu-Gi-Oh
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