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Mew Mew Clove
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Oh, hey! Didn't see you there; I was wiping the dirt outta my eyes. Y'know, since I've just risen from the grave.

Chloé Capucine is a French foreign exchange student at Daikanyama Academy. She's initially paired with Berry Shirayuki as a student mentor, due to the fact that Berry speaks French and can easily get through Chloé's less than stellar Japanese. They develop a strong friendship.

It sure would be a shame if something were to ... Happen. 🙃

Chloé is essentially a sleeper agent; a reverse engineered Mew Mew with invasive genes designed to directly oppose Berry. Mew Clove, who shares her genes with the Indian Mongoose (Herpestes Auropunctatus), was created by a group calling themselves Chicxulub, in response to the mass hysteria against Mew Berry at the hands of the Saint Rose Crusaders' subliminal messaging smear campaign earlier in the year. The race is on to intercept Chicxulub before their team of artificial Mew Mews is complete and Tokyo is laid to waste.

Chloé is one of the first original characters I ever created, and I decided to bring her back 'cause of the new Tokyo Mew Mew reboot. This series was a huge inspiration for me, and Mia Ikumi was one of my favorite artists when I was young. Her work really inspired me to draw my own characters and try writing my own stories.

Clove is from Mew Mew À La Carte, a fan comic I never finished and probably never will. For now, she's just gonna exist in a loosely defined 'verse, I guess.

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