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Dupre-Ushiromiya Family
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In my story, Alice and Blood are Married and Rika is their adopted daughter. They raised her when she came to Wonderland since she was eleven. However, in my current story, Rika is older, roughly a little over eighteen. She is a role holder without a role, except she's a witch similar to that of Beatrice but with some different powers.

She took the last name "Ushiromiya" in honor of Ange... Actually Ange gave it to her by saying they were symbolically married before she passed. Spoilers for my story but not going into too many specifics.

So here is Rika with what will be her new look: short hairstyle, blue off shoulder dress with a red cloak (not pictured here) with the one winged eagle emblazoned on her dress skirt and broach... With blue/purple armor like sleeve things (kinda like what Dark magician girl wears on her arms), and a wand with the one winged eagle.

She may become the new territory Lord of wonderland who keeps the peace and outranks even the royalty of any said country. She helps Joker. That's my idea anyway.

⋆ ——————✧◦♚◦✧——————⋆

I spent a long time on the drawing itself. First drawing Rika then Alice... Debated on drawing Blood but ended up adding him in the end as you see here. My first time drawing Blood Dupre outside of a sketch dump.

Overall, spent three hours on this... Enhanced this with PicsArt. I've been wanting to draw Rika with her adopted parents for awhile. So here it is.

Alice in the Country of Hearts Fan Art
alice liddell, au, blood dupre, crossover, dress, family, heart no kuni no alice, rika furude, staff, umineko no naku koro ni
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