Vellatra (Fan Art Portfolio) OCtober 24th: With a Tail

OCtober 24th: With a Tail
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Today's OCtober challenge was "An OC with a tail". Snachang is another one of my vast population of WordGirl OCs, but she was hands down my favorite one. Originally created to be a villain, she ended up doing an awful lot of hero work and other good deeds in her stories (like adopting several homeless children or organizing a group of crimefighters). Maybe more of an anti-hero? I don't know.
Like many other WordGirl OCs, Snachang was based on the Dr. Two-Brains concept of having an animal's brain attached to your head and getting their attributes. She got a snake brain, hence the tail, which came in handy sometimes. She also had a forked tongue and tended to draw out her S's. Her hair was meant to be sort of shaped like a cobra's hood, even though her snake species was totally not a cobra. ;P (Actually I think it was supposed to be a Green Snake, which is not venomous, constricting, or at all scary or cool in any way....) Her hair also handily covers up the extra brain SO SHE CAN BE PRETTY!

It was a lot of fun doing stories with her in them, and as previously mentioned, they usually had little or nothing to do with the original WordGirl characters, so I could probably write everything down and publish it with little editing for copyright issues. Maybe I should. Although I'd probably tweak her name. It's silly. Maybe Snake-chan?

Dedicated to my dad, who isn't on this site. In case you see this though... I think you know exactly why you get this one. XO

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