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OCtober 9th: Your First OC
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"You can't just go burning down the jewelry store!"

"But that owner was such a pompous windbag."

"Granted, but that's irrelevant!"

Okay, I cheated. I've been making OCs for a LONG time, and the actual first ones are so old, I don't remember most of their names, or what they looked like, and all record of them seems to have been destroyed, probably out of embarrassment.

But this one, Zimma, is the first one that isn't prehistoric, from probably around 2008. My one sister and I were very, very into a TV show from PBS kids, WordGirl , and we made up our own stories about the characters from it. It wasn't long before we started creating our own characters, and they very quickly outnumbered the official characters and took on substories of their own, to the point that we could probably very easily write and publish a book about them without any copyright issues (unless a case can be made for stealing the idea of animal brains from Dr. Two Brains... we had a lot of people like that. But anyway).

Zimma is a villain who is half-human, half-dragon (yes, I'm aware that's wandering into Bee Movie, Sonic '06 territory, but small Vellatra wasn't thinking about that). She has quite a few powers because of this, as listed on the left in the original picture.

Drawing this brought back some fond old memories....

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